Monday, February 28, 2011

When the end is not the end

Today was the end of a very long short sale. It has been full of villains, and corporate intrigue and had its share of frustration with very little to redeem it but experience. Yes I have gained experience. In the process, I have been reminded that not all the whole world is good.
Not everyone is ethical...
On my end of things when people have called out their congratulations, I just shrug. I was so ready for a walk. Thank God for Myriam who like a good solider was there to handle the messy clean-up and gave me not only the OK to go for a walk , but an order. I think, I have been quite tense lately.
So as I started my walk today, I felt like I would give my best effort to leave all that behind me. Leave the negativity, the greed, the lack of morale compass to find a place where it is quite clear...
A walk.... It gives you the time to see what God has given us, in the sky , the water, the flowers and the people you pass. Because, my friends, there is no end to anything, it is all a journey. And today, I was lucky enough to take the time to enjoy the glorious day and the amazing freedom that each step brought me. Tomorrow will be another day, another adventure, and the lessons learned today will make the way easier.
Take a walk with me.

I started in Sausalito, on a slightly cloudy day full of that chilly air that says, it could rain ti if wanted to, but not today. Today, Cathy was walking.

The iconic Sausalito seal is always a great photo.

I could tell on this walk that spring (cold or not) was just around the corner.

Here in the background is Angel Island. ****** Silent auction alert. We will be auctioning off a training walk with picnic on Angel Island, led by Glenn who used to be an Angel Island tour guide. Also included a book written by Glenn that details its history. Visit

You should make plans to join us. BID high and bid often

Pride of Madera

Calla Lily

As I got close to the bridge I was very lucky to watch the Coast Guard fellows playing football. As I moved on those warning signs started showing up. There are so many signs. No dogs. No missiles from the bridge. If you see something suspicious call 911.
I really like this picture. This is one of those road mirrors to help you see whats around the corner... Who is it... me.

Flowers popping up.

Today, on the bridge I had a very interesting encounter. The first part of it was as I walking along, I saw a huge group of people huddled together. At first I thought this must be a tour group. But as I approached them I noticed it was several monks, a few people with cameras and notebooks. But have been some one IMPORTANT! So I told a picture.

Then as I walked further, I stopped behind a tower (where the noise is much less) to talk on the phone. There had been several texts, and calls. So I had called Myriam back. As I was deeply involved in trying to call, when the monks came around the corner. The first turned the corner looked at me and with hand together in a prayer pose bowed to me. I tried to bow back, but the phone at my ear was hindering my efforts. So as the 3rd monk walked by I put the phone in my palm and greeted them.

At the Warming Hut I stopped and grabbed a cup of soup. I hadn't eaten any breakfast so I needed a little nourishment. With the soup they gave me a stale piece of bread, which I was sure the birds would love. They did, but it didn't go down easy...

Every time I walk on Crissy Field, I remember my first 3 day. I can't help but smile.

The old buildings along the field are picturesque.

See what I mean.

Below the field of this picture is a bunch of dogs including several Corgis. I tried to be inconspicuous and in the process I got to show you the sky.

At Aquatic Park just before Fisherman's wharf, a cable car.

I have walked through Fishermen's Wharf many times, but not with so much time until the next Ferry! It was 2:20 and the next Ferry was 2:35 so I knew I could take my time. So here..... Ripley's believe it or not.

Horse made of corks.

Statute of future Buster Poseys

Wax Museum..... Carlos Santana

Little Go Car... The way to see the city.

Bike rickshaws

Spring flowers at Pier 39

I want a beer.

There is along the promenade where" Plant" is and "La Mer"

I want Glenn to take me... sooner versus later.

My shoes in the reflection... next time by boat?

And finally I am at the Ferry Building with an hour to spare before the 4pm flight.

When the Ferry was ready to leave, I knew that today I was one more step along my journey. I felt like I was on track for my training. Next step will be to keep it up and start building our donations.
The best medicine for the kind of feeling this short sale nightmare has been, has been walking for a higher purpose. And you know what.... I feel much much better.
You will too if you donate.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fitting it all in

The turkeys (we have wild turkeys in the neighborhood) are waking up. It is about time. I have been awake now for a couple of hours working. The sun is just starting to lighten a dark sky. Its pretty cold out there for Marin standard's in the upper 30s.

This week will be a challenge with two new listings hitting the market, one long long short sale escrow at a turning point, listing appointments and buyers needs and of course training for the 3 day. Sometimes it feels next to impossible to find the time.

I think about my partner Myriam who told me I should look at a 3 mile walk a day as NON NEGOTIABLE. She is a runner who makes time almost every morning to run or hike. She is juggling work and kids and doing a great job at it. This barefoot runner, likes to run in the rain. She doesn't mind the cold. But I am not her...

I don't like walking in the rain (unless it is just a drizzle and I don't have to work right after). I don't like walking in the freezing cold (unless I can bundle up and have someone to take my jacket when I get too hot). I don't like walking when it is dark (unless Glenn is with me to scare away coyotes and cougars). I don't like walking when I know my cell phone will ring constantly because I have left business behind that only I can handle.

But.... I do love to walk. I love the feeling that with every step I take I am walking away from the stress and toward something important. I love when I can walk with my friends and talk about life. I love a soft breeze that carries the scent of spring flowers. I feel more powerful as I notice how the training begins to shape my legs and I take pride when I see a tan line on my calves from wearing my walking pants. I really do love when I walk how I discover tiny little things that you would never notice as you whiz by in a car. The birds on the bay, the flowers between tiny crevices in the rocky hillside. I love how when I walk, my shoulders aren't all bunched up like they are now at the computer. I love to walk.

I have loads of excuses for why I cannot walk these days. And like all excuses they are based in the truth, but they are only partial truths. What the fundamental truth is, is, I love to walk and I am very much in need of a long one. Maybe today will be the day. Clear skies today and tomorrow (open houses), then rain I hear, a cold cold rain. The only question is.... can I leave the cellphone behind? Like I said there is a lot going on.......

I am asking for your help on two things.... Your continued support to help me become the Giants Honorary Bat girl on Mother's day.

AND DONATE to one of the new 3 day Cure Ambassadors.... ME!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Will you still feel small beside the ocean

After a good nights sleep, I looked out the window and saw some clear skies. I jumped on the computer to see what the forecast called for and there it was, a window of opportunity. The forecast said the rain would return around noon. It was 8:30. So I had my coffee and breakfast, dressed in my Giants sweatshirt and raincoat, workout pants and my trusty New Balance 1012's and headed toward Tennessee Beach.

As I walked, as I often do, I think about writing. I think about what I might say when we have our fundraiser. And today over and over again in my head I heard that country song "I hope you dance." I suppose that was partially due to having watched a couple of contestants blow the lyrics on American Idol. They are great lyrics. But the section of this Lee Ann Womak song kept repeating for me was:

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder

You get your fill but always feel that hunger

May you never take one single breath for granted

God forbid love ever leave you empty handed

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean.

When one door closes, I hope one more opens

Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance

And if you get a choice to sit it out or dance

I hope you dance, I hope you dance.

And what a place to be singing those lyrics. Walking after days of rain as the water rushed down to the ocean along the side of the trail. To smell the sea breeze carried over the newly blooming willows and hear the birds revelling during this brief respite from the rain. To feel the sting of a cold wind on my face as I carefully navigated the puddles left behind makes me feel completely alive.

And as I reached the ocean and heard its mighty voice as it reached the rocky shore, I felt small but powerful. And suddenly I thought to myself "I am not Cancer's victim, I am its conqueror." "Cancer is not a death sentence, its a wake up call."

And then I remembered , I used to think when I was diagnosed with Cancer, God had given me a dance card that was already filled up, and at this thought, I threw up arms to the sky laughed and did a pirouette. I have a lot more dancing to do.

Enjoy the pictures of this morning's dance....