Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Step by Step on Day 2

There is such a thing as a Komen mile.

It isn't your average 5,280 feet, oh no, it is always just a little bit more.

For me Day 2 was a Komen mile.

When the 3 day says, go out and train, they mean train just a little longer and farther than you ever thought was possible.. When they say, you will feel part of something larger than yourself, its an understatement.

On day two I would meet a man with an amputated leg, who would finish 40 miles (at times with tears in his eyes) only to be forced out due to an infection in his leg. I would meet survivors who had just finished their treatment. I would meet a girl who was walking in the memory of her mother. I would reconnect with Cate Edwards, Elizabeth Edward's daughter who was walking in her honor (inspired by a brief moment in a tasting room in Healdsburg when Patti and I suggested she should walk in DC.) It was an emotional day on the top of an already emotional time. It was like the Komen mile... just a little more than you thought possible, and here I was doing it... savoring it, living life.

The weather was thankfully dry over Day 2, When we got to the camp to begin the walk, we were excited to explore the Maryland Countryside and rewarded with beautiful green hills and trees glimmering in the breeze in humid warm air.

Leaving camp, I selected my next house...
Leaving this small one to Allison. She was not pleased, it didn't meet her standards.
This pink q-tip of a fellow drives a little mini cooper...and stalks the walkers handing out candy.
The hills, others were dreading, were long and gradual, unlike SF hills which are steep and for the most part over within .5 miles. I got more than one question about what the walk was like in SF. I think in DC they are hill phobic....
A curb makes a good place to stretch that calf!
Pink was the color of the day in Maryland.
Cheers met us at a pit stop.
Throughout this day there were cheering stations, both private and public.
Compared to SF the support was wonderful. Wherever you walk in the 3 day these people coming out lending their support gives you that wee extra lift that can make those 21 miles seem like somewhat shorter.
The first official cheer station was the Podiatry Association. I thought that was pretty darn funny.... No one was there to give foot massages though.
But plenty of smiling faces and thunder sticks!

The kids along the way made me grin.

Something about this group of girls reminded me of Olivia, and I do think I had a little tear in my eye. That's a good Mom there to bring out the kids to cheer. Its a great lesson to teach.

This hula hoop princess would greet us in several spots on the walk. A few walkers would stop and join in. I bet that is actually a good thing to do during the walk... keeping you limber.

We were welcomed by signs both large and small.

This pitstop was a special treat. Certainly the costumes were unique...

AND a coffee delivery by our own Walker Stalkers! Patty, Claire, Glenn and Chris.

Others looked on in jealousy as we sipped our lattes and cappuccinos.

We walked through a farmers market where one of the vendors handed out water and apple slices.

By far one of the most moving moments was walking through the Bethesda Metro station area where for 3 blocks there were wall to wall people, cheering and thanking us for walking.

I felt like a celebrity and couldn't help but think...thank us???? oh no, THANK YOU!

Some people were dressed up... others were not.

But some broke the mould.

There she is again...Hula Hoop princess.

Outside a medical building in Bethesda we got a great reception.

Stalkers found us on our way to lunch!

My honey found me.

The lunch included salty snacks, a cookie, an apple and a Panera sandwich.

What a treat not to be rained on!

The best treat? My boa boy.

Patty and Claire.

My dear friends.

Ok Trash Boy wasn't bad either. We love Trash Boy... "Oh Trash Boy...."

Glenn, Allison, Chris and Patti.

A cheering group had all the moves.

And on we go...

This awesome kid was cheering on his skateboard "Go Walkers!"

Got to love the tutus!

Oh Yeah, You bet we are kicking Cancer's ASS!

Here comes Barbara and Patti. Alicia had really pushed the envelope and had taken a sweep van and got her pulled and stressed bits and pieces taped... This is definately a LONG walk. Made me glad I had put in so many hours training!

The final pitstop on day 2...

Time to stretch stretch stretch....

And grab a salty snack...


Allison and Judi

Patti and Allison

Stalker alert! ICE CREAM CONES!!!!

Chris made quite an entrance.

I like it!

The other walker stalkers...

On the home stretch these girls stopped for a beer.

We found a wall to elevate those legs...

And then it began the KOMEN mile.

We were told on mulitple occasions, "you are almost there"," one more mile". "All downhill from here." Only to be surprised by one more hill and one more mile

It helped to have the cheers and support.

Doesnt she look like a Rockwell painting?

Finally we were back. 21 miles ( or was it 24?) When its a Komen mile... it can be just a little longer. But when you are trying to end Cancer that is just what you have to do... go a little further, raise a little more money and never never stop until this is a world without Cancer.

That's a great neighborhood isn't it... at camp.

Clothes from Day one were still drying out.

Men who wear pink are so much more powerful than those in black.

Flags greet the walkers.

Bob and Ashley my heroes. I will write more about them in my recap.

Here he is finishing day 2. Determination doesn't begin to explain it.

The sweep vans making their last rounds of Day 2.

Mother and daughter finishing the walk...Day 2... 40 miles down...

Santa loves me.

Checking into camp.

Being greeted by Patty

Barbara gets a reception

While Allison stretches.

Patti and Barbara get their hellos

Or is it ho ho's

Allison and Chris on the day after their 5th anniversary!

Refreshments provided on the outside of camp.

Satisfied and proud...

My Boa Boy...

He always leaves a little of him behind...

We went back to the hotel and met up with Judi who had a shorter 2nd day so she could walk the 3rd day without injury. We went out for dinner at the restaurant next to the hotel. Although we missed Camp night again, we were clean and dry and well fed.

Time for bed and dreams of the last day of the walk...