Thursday, June 28, 2012

The final project....

Here it is... The last of my "made by Cathy" items for our auction. I think, after all is said and done, I could have donated the money in lieu of the items and done better $$$ wise. UNLESS you all are holding back and waiting for the last minute to embrace the auction this year.

I made a presentation at the office meeting this morning with the distinct feeling people are not that "into" this event, the auction or frankly Breast Cancer. Hey it isn't that I am into Breast Cancer, I am not, but to not support the effort to end Breast Cancer can mean they think we have no need for further "awareness" further "funds" - no need to walk, no need to sew crazy pink things or come up with crazy pink drinks. No need. We have been there. We have done that. Done.

This feeling I get, that some people think that is frightening to me. They must believe somehow magically now there aren't 1 in 8 women who will receive the news "you have Breast Cancer." They must believe that of those there will not be 1 in 8 who will die. They must believe that younger women have dodged some bullet and are NOT the ones most likely to die from Breast Cancer. They must believe their children will not be one of THOSE women. They must believe pigs fly and the sun doesn't rise.

They live in a different world than I do.

I know and see and hear nearly daily about the devastation Breast Cancer causes.

MY approach has been to be as pink as I can. I don't shy away from letting people know ending Breast Cancer is a passion I have. I am so so so heartened to know there are people who feel the same way.
They don't look at me like I am some sort of crazy pink nut as I parade my pink Raggedy Anns, or aprons or quilts to office meetings, or plaster them all over Facebook and emails. They are the ones I know WOULD never miss Pinktini and Popcorn if they could help it. They are the ones who will find joy in bidding on a Home Inspection or a Vacation in Florida, or even a sock monkey knowing it will be a win win win. They, they get it.

Do you?

HONOR a WARRIOR with a QUILT donation

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The different ways to walk 12 miles

We are slowing getting closer to our daily 20 miles we will be walking in the SGK 3 day. The training calls for 12 miles on Saturday and 8 on Sunday, figuring all those 9-5 Mon-Fri  folks only have time for that kind of mileage on the weekends. Leslie and I have have weekends that get full - her with family functions and me with work and usually a trip to see Glenn's Dad. My favorite days to do a back to back are Friday and Saturday. So yesterday, being a Friday, we planned our 12 mile walk.

Leslie is a full time MOMMA and her adorable children have the Summer off. 12 miles is 'too far" for my husband Glenn to walk. He says his limit is 5. It's too far for most people. It certainly would have been out of the question for our daughters at the same age! But for Leslie and her kids, we have the definition of Road Warriors.

The forecast called for sprinkles so I asked Leslie if she wanted to reschedule... and the answer was, wear a jacket. When I met them at their house all four were bundled up in their jackets and bucket hats. They had the stroller ready to take on the snacks, the "Coastie", water and other paraphernalia. They also had a new puppy to say goodbye to .... Katie Mae. Then it was off to Sebastopol for our 12 mile walk to Forestville on the West Regional Trail.

Jack and Olivia have been "in training " for awhile now, but Joe has been in school. Joe is the older one (all of 7 years old). This walk was seemingly simple for the younger ones, but Joe was tired and his leg hurt straight out of the box! (I am guessing it could be growing pains - because he hadn't gone far enough to be much else). He got to ride int he stroller longer than the other kids, who kept pace with Leslie and I often running instead of walking.

The Coastie wound up to be more of a passenger the the kids. Trying to find how to bring it along was a challenge.

Then Leslie came up with this plan.....

Joe took a tumble somewhere in the few miles. (Both Jack and Olivia have done that before....)

The mules along the trail provided a great distraction from the growing miles....

Much of the grass along the train had sticker and foxtails in it so we search for something edible for them. One of the mules reached up to grab a branch of the tree overhead so Leslie took to stripping the reachable branches. The mules and the kids were delighted.

We made it to Forestville where we had Tacos. YUM and the kids had a $6 milkshake. Can some one tell me why milk shakes and chocolate milk are expediently more expensive than anything else in a hispanically owned restaurant?

On the way back I think all the kids were a wee bit more tired. I was glad we would be able to see those mules once again. We also were able to stop at the Berry Farm buying some fresh picked berries from the sweet elderly couple who wait for customers.I think it cheered up their gray day to see those beautiful children filling their cheeks with big juicy blackberries.

So running and play followed on the way back to the car. But being somewhat tired, Olivia took a tumble and scraped up her shins a bit. Leslie promised her when they got home that she could have a band aid. (It was fairly minor...)

So when we all piled into the car we had a couple of extra scrapes and three tired but GREAT kids. They convinced me Mr. Youngling needed to come have pizza for dinner and later that night that's what we did. Olivia came in with a couple pf pretty ridiculous looking gauze bandages on her shins. I asked Leslie if she really was a doctor?! She laughed and said there was a lot going on right then.... yea I think there was, her hair looked great!!!

There are a lot of ways to walk 12 miles. I have walked that kind of a walk by myself, with my girlfriends, with my daughter and with three kids, a "Coastie" a Mom and a stroller. I wouldn't change a thing about any of these days. Each of these walks are a gift. They each form a memory I am so grateful to have been blessed with. This 3 day walk thing.... what an adventure it is. What's next? I can hardly wait to see.

EARLIER this week at an office meeting I had a couple of fellow agents model my aprons. They look pretty fine don't they?! They (the aprons) and many more things are available by auction at

Monday, June 18, 2012

Our auction/website - Here, There and Everywhere

If you haven't check the auction site at you should! There's a lot going on.

First and foremost, there is the Warrior Quilt, aka Circle of Hope. This quilt will be given to someone fighting Cancer today. Leslie and I picked it up from Sonoma where it had be finished by Kathy Martin. (I pieced this quilt and she machine quilted it) I have to say it looks stunning, but that isn't the point. The point is this quilt will wrap itself around someone fighting Cancer and give them the love of all those who have gone before. There is power in that love. Last year we gave the quilt to Olivia, she was battling Brain Cancer. At 2.5 that isn't an easy task - for her, but it certainly was nearly impossible for those around her.

As we picked up the quilt I could see Leslie (Olivia's Mom) get somewhat emotional. It all came flooding back in a wave - where they were a year ago. How even if Olivia is doing wonderfully well, there is, as there always is with Cancer, a worry that sits on you like the weight of the world.  What if it comes back.

That's the kind of fear that raises its heads in quiet moments,  in moments where you weren't prepared to think about it. I know for me those fears would hit in the middle of the night - and my eyes snap open as a nauseating fear would run through my body from head to my toes. I could see that in Leslie's eyes as we picked up the quilt.  The day before we had walked for a 7 mile walk to Cavallo and Olivia and Jack were along. Olivia was in running, walking and directing the walk. "Jack let's be in charge!"

I swear those kids will be able to walk the entire 60 miles by the time we are done with training with Olivia being in charge! So that quilt... it's powerful.

This year's quilt needs someone who is ready to recieve it's special powers....

Maybe I am crazy, but I truly believe there is magic in a quilt that is given with such love. I want that to happen again this year. How can you be a part of this even if you are away - It couldn't be easier.

Donate in any amount to the quilt (either by sending a check written to Komen for the Cure to (Cathy Youngling, 32 Miller Ave. Mill Valley CA 94941) or going to and following the directions on the Quilt page.

AND we haven't yet selected the person to receive this quilt. If you know someone who may need this kind of magic.... email me or let me know.

IN addition to the quilt there have seen some great donations recently. Some of these will be in the raffle like SusieCake Cupcakes and dinner at the Melting Pot, but other like the Sock Monkeys will be available on the Live Auction. Just to remind you, here they are...

 Miss Betty Boobette

Hootie Cutie

 Silvester Shiny Pants

Tiara the Tutu Monkey

 Susan and Komen

 Andy Cotton Candy

 Evander Holyfeel

 Oooo Oooo
Ahhh Ahhh

ALSO just finished and ready for your BIDS is this great Tote, if I do say so myself. It is BIG with multiple pockets with Pink Polka dots and BIG rose print. The materials alone were more than the minimum bid of $50! So BID on this at

Then with great gratitude I announce the donation of two inspections for Marin Realtors to buy here, saving their clients hundreds of dollars while helping to end Breast Cancer.

From Morris Pest - a Pest inspection for a home of under 2000 sq ft in Marin County. (if its larger you would pay a little extra but the base price is covered.) value $345

And From Flaherty Home Inspections - A full Home inspection Value $635 - Its also for a home under 2000 sq ft in Marin County ... (if its larger you would pay a little extra but the base price is covered.)

Gosh and there so much more.... Homemade retro aprons, trips, adventures. LORDY I am telling you it is the best value you can find, and you can write things off, and get a great deal, and help end Breast Cancer. COULD it be better???

YES - How about having a chance to win money at the same time! Well guess how many beans are in the jar and you can have a chance to win the pot. Each guess $20 (Half goes to the pot and half goes to the walk) You really can't lose.

You can do all of this AND RSVP and/or buy your tickets to come to the main event.
JUST visit

We are getting close in so many ways. One day we won't be asking "Are We There Yet?" We will be looking at our children proud of being part of the reason why we created a world without Breast Cancer. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some People Wait a Lifetime

Standing on the edge of life, waiting for the right signs, one day you can wake up and realize you missed the game.

Last night history was made at ATT park in San Francisco. Matt Cain threw nine innings of perfect ball, no runs, no hits, no errors, no one reaching first base, perfect. When he was interviewed after the game he gave much of the credit to Buster Posey, his catcher, who called this perfect game. "I never waved him off once, I just threw what he put down."

When something like this happens it almost feels like it is fated. Blanco, playing out of his normal position catches an improbable ball in the gap, skidding on his belly with the ball clinging to the outside edge of the webbing in his glove. He shouldn't have been there, that ball should have been a hit. When shortly before, a ball that to everyone's eyes appeared to be heading to the left field bleachers, get caught by the winds of fate to land in Cabrera's glove at the top of the fence inches inside the park. The fact that the Giants score 10 runs with 15 hits, a feat very rare inside this ballpark, is simply inconsequential in the light of this moment. The first perfect game in Giants history, the 14th no hitter in Giants HISTORY and one of only 22 perfect games ever thrown in Major league ball - and it was Cain's... oh and Posey's and Cabrera's and Blanco and the rest of the team's who were passengers on this train of destiny.

As we look at our own lives I wonder how often we are shaking off the signs we are given. How often do we trust the journey enough to just throw the ball? How often do we just put one foot in front of the other and walk the path that lays ahead of us?

I know so many people who are frozen in place waiting for perfection to come to them. They don't do anything for fear it is the wrong thing. We all are guilty at one time or the other.
History isn't made by standing still. History is made when you throw the ball.

P.S. As an example of not waiting for perfection, Leslie and I have been able to get in some training in the middle of busy days. Now the excuses are valid, two kids at home for her with one more to pick up in the afternoon, and work for me. But here we are stroller and kids and all walking 7 miles on a Tuesday enjoying a beautiful sunny day at Ocean Beach in SF (this rarely happens) as a red tail hawk lands 15 feet away and a flock of pelicans fly over our heads seemingly close enough to touch. And you know what we found that day in Ocean Beach, when we could have easily been some where else? We found it was the perfect place to be.

Another perfect place to be will be Pinktini and Popcorn on July 22nd. Buy your tickets, no excuses, here's the link. Consider me to be Buster Posey and I am laying down the sign, all you have to do is click.

PPS you can even bid on a Melky Cabrera Baseball. He hit one out of ATT last night. He wasn't waiting, he saw the ball and hit it. Now you can see the ball and buy it! Bid online at

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Notes from the road

 It's time to do some catching up. I haven't written much about my walks and I don't want you think I haven't been doing anything. I have been walking but much of it has been practical walking like to work and back. Or short walks, (4-5 mile walks) like Glenn and I took to Alameda where we managed to get a little Hangar 1 vodka tasting mixed in with some wine tasting and some USS Hornet looking...

This week my teammate Leslie joined me for a walk to Thai food, via Italian Pastry, via College of Marin (about 7-8 miles) with her two darling children Olivia and Jack. (Joe was at school). And I finished off this week today with a solo jaunt from the SF Ferry to the Sausalito Ferry about 11 miles.

So here are a few photos from the road.....
Jack, Leslie and Olivia, all doing our warm up active stretches. Look at those enthusiastic 3 dayers! I am so excited for SF and to be walking there with this family. It will be magical.

While we were walking Leslie and I were talkignabout Pinktini and Popcorn and suggested the little ones sell raffle tickets. What do you think? If Olivia wears her survivor pin, don't you think the guests will dig deep and help us end Cancer?!

That studly boy Jack walked at least 6.5 of the 7-8 miles. I told him during the walk he had to be sure to have some snacks for his Mom to give her energy.

It was so good to be able to walk with them this week. It has been toooo long.

Friday's walk.... Solo.

I love to walk with my peeps, but I need to walk by myself once in awhile. There is something totally relaxing to me about a long walk, far from the everyday. Only thing is, the one way I can do this is I CAN bring my I-phone. I have done quite a few deals, negotiations and a lot of communicating while walking. Oh and I sometimes will take a picture.
Or two or three. I switch back and forth from my I-Phone to the little Canon I carry. My Canon has scratches and dents in it from at least 3 of these 4 3 day seasons. But the little guy is hanging in there.
Kinda like me, and these Fisherman Wharf restaurants. Ok, now I get it. My parents took me and Vicki to the Franciscan Restaurant when were were little. It was probably the newest one on the Wharf. Since 1957... It was probably 2 years old when we were there!

The tourists are back as the real "tourism season" starts. It's time for me to bob and weave to avoid collisions!
I have no idea what they are planning to do this "fisherman" and "crab". But they look pretty colorful.

Nearly every time I pass this structure at Aquatic Park there is a gull sitting on top, like the perfect decoration.
With the weather being as warm as it has been, there were more swimmers than usual here. It may also have something to do with the "Escape" from Alcatraz Triathlon this weekend.
What are these? Wild sweet peas? They are one of the many flowers that line the way on this SF/Marin walk. These are at Fort Mason.
Up close.

And as you reach Crissy Field the bridge becomes the backdrop to most of the views.
And those views are stunning so when you are walking in you Pedestrian side of the sidewalk you need to remind yourself to watch our for staying bikes. The bikes will be multiplying and the changes for injury will too. I saw one near collision in Sausalito as an impatient car decide to swing wide around a group of bikes at a curve. Another car nearly hit the other car head on. There really needs to be a better way.

Hopefully as this group of toddlers ride their bikes they are learning the rules of the road. It seems very few bikers follow them.


Not so stunning if the change they made at the Bridge. There used to be beautiful flowers and winding paths at at this side of the bridge... this is what they replaced it with.
A couple of informational boards with ads for ways people can spend money.
And a cold expanse of brick (probably indigenous) reminiscent of the "improvements" the Soviets made to European architecture. It almost made me cry. They tool the hear out of this area. But I suppose Glenn is right, that makes for fewer gardeners they have to pay.

Maybe they will keep on one to trim the grass and manage this one patch of flowers.

It was an odd day where the wind was ripping through the city, but nearly still on the bridge. Heading back to Marin, the many many people walking were enjoying what they may not have realized was a rare day on the GG Bridge.

 They get to look at views like this...

 Coming down the "killer" hill that one walker said should have a rope tow.

Fort Baker looking over the harbor to the city beyond. Taking note of the miles I have walked so far in my fight to end Breast Cancer. If walkers walk an average of 585 miles in training alone. I would say I have walked at least 2000 by now. That's pretty impressive, but there is so much further to go.

I need you help. Breast Cancer needs to go.
A donation  or a bid on our auction will go a long way towards helping wake up to a day without Breast Cancer. Today with or without the person who had the idea... I am going to get some photos taken of our Sock Monkeys.

You see sock monkeys have always been a fear of mine since childhood. I used to have nightmares where they would eat me. Those big red mouths.... EEKK. Judi made 10 of these for our auction and sent them in a big box that arrived this week. I opened the box and immediately all 10 red mouths were staring back at me. I just laughed hysterically.

Isn't that the way it is sometimes, the things that scare you often are just all yarn and fluff.
Breast Cancer used to frighten me too, but that feeling has changed. Now it just makes me mad.
AND trust me... you don't want me mad!

Visit to buy your tickets to our July 22nd event OR bid on one of these monkeys!