Monday, June 4, 2012

A heat seeking missle

If you had a chance to watch ABC news the other night you would have seen one of my heroes Bridget Spence, being interviewed. I have shared her story before in this blog, but let me remind you. Bridget is 28 years old. She has been battling an aggressive form of Breast Cancer for 7 years. Bridget is one of the most incredible spokespersons for Susan G Komen you could imagine... why?

Well when she was diagnosed, they supported her, through finding a doctor (funded by them) and young Cancer patient support group (funded by them) and finally through clinical trials (funded by them) that have kept her hope of seeing her 30th birthday attainable. She was part of the trial of Herceptin and she saw her tumors shrink and the tumor markers fall. When this year they began to rise again, Bridget did a couple of things, she wrote about it, she spoke about it AND she signed up to walk in the Washington DC 3 day this October. Concurrently, her team of doctors looked at promising research and found one that may help her reach her goal of a birthday cake topped with 30 candles.

This drug has been called a "Heat seeking missile" when it comes to Breast Cancer. Researchers warn it is not a cure for stage 4 Cancer but it is helping to reverse the growth of Bridget's tumors. 

Here's a link to the broadcast.

You noticed there were researchers from Dana Faber Cancer Institute - truly a place where ground breaking research is conducted. I thought, I would research a little on my own and see where Susan G Komen has invested in 2012 for research.

 I know 75% of the net proceeds of the funds I raise go to that research and I was curious to see how much is going to Dana Faber. Well it is a lot, but it is also going to many other institutes. We don't know where the next advancement will be discovered. It seems to me a wise investment of my time and money to be sure many pf the most promising researchers receive grants.

There has been many time when I have read or heard, in regards to some advancement in Breast Cancer detection and treatment,  "the only funding we received was from Susan G Komen" . And once again, as I watched this ABC broadcast I was filled with hope, and pride and yes some sadness. Because as far as we have come, there are still so far to go.

I am a part of a community of Breast Cancer warriors and daily I hear of yet another person who is battling, or has lost their battle against Breast Cancer. Our team name "Are We There Yet?" is so perfect just for that reason. We are NOT there yet. But we are getting there. With you help we will get there in our lifetime.

Donate, bid on the auction, buy your ticket to Pinktini - Whatever you do... do something. I thank you. I know Bridget thanks you. Time to lace em up and get some walking in. 120 miles in 6 days is a long way to go..... But trust me.... I will get there.

We pink warriors are Breast Cancer's worse nightmare. We are "heat seeking missiles" carrying a toxic load to deliver to Cancer cells and destroy them. Bridget is one of the most powerful out there. If you want to follow her blog it is

You can join us. Just bring you pink and get ready to end Cancer.

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