Monday, June 18, 2012

Our auction/website - Here, There and Everywhere

If you haven't check the auction site at you should! There's a lot going on.

First and foremost, there is the Warrior Quilt, aka Circle of Hope. This quilt will be given to someone fighting Cancer today. Leslie and I picked it up from Sonoma where it had be finished by Kathy Martin. (I pieced this quilt and she machine quilted it) I have to say it looks stunning, but that isn't the point. The point is this quilt will wrap itself around someone fighting Cancer and give them the love of all those who have gone before. There is power in that love. Last year we gave the quilt to Olivia, she was battling Brain Cancer. At 2.5 that isn't an easy task - for her, but it certainly was nearly impossible for those around her.

As we picked up the quilt I could see Leslie (Olivia's Mom) get somewhat emotional. It all came flooding back in a wave - where they were a year ago. How even if Olivia is doing wonderfully well, there is, as there always is with Cancer, a worry that sits on you like the weight of the world.  What if it comes back.

That's the kind of fear that raises its heads in quiet moments,  in moments where you weren't prepared to think about it. I know for me those fears would hit in the middle of the night - and my eyes snap open as a nauseating fear would run through my body from head to my toes. I could see that in Leslie's eyes as we picked up the quilt.  The day before we had walked for a 7 mile walk to Cavallo and Olivia and Jack were along. Olivia was in running, walking and directing the walk. "Jack let's be in charge!"

I swear those kids will be able to walk the entire 60 miles by the time we are done with training with Olivia being in charge! So that quilt... it's powerful.

This year's quilt needs someone who is ready to recieve it's special powers....

Maybe I am crazy, but I truly believe there is magic in a quilt that is given with such love. I want that to happen again this year. How can you be a part of this even if you are away - It couldn't be easier.

Donate in any amount to the quilt (either by sending a check written to Komen for the Cure to (Cathy Youngling, 32 Miller Ave. Mill Valley CA 94941) or going to and following the directions on the Quilt page.

AND we haven't yet selected the person to receive this quilt. If you know someone who may need this kind of magic.... email me or let me know.

IN addition to the quilt there have seen some great donations recently. Some of these will be in the raffle like SusieCake Cupcakes and dinner at the Melting Pot, but other like the Sock Monkeys will be available on the Live Auction. Just to remind you, here they are...

 Miss Betty Boobette

Hootie Cutie

 Silvester Shiny Pants

Tiara the Tutu Monkey

 Susan and Komen

 Andy Cotton Candy

 Evander Holyfeel

 Oooo Oooo
Ahhh Ahhh

ALSO just finished and ready for your BIDS is this great Tote, if I do say so myself. It is BIG with multiple pockets with Pink Polka dots and BIG rose print. The materials alone were more than the minimum bid of $50! So BID on this at

Then with great gratitude I announce the donation of two inspections for Marin Realtors to buy here, saving their clients hundreds of dollars while helping to end Breast Cancer.

From Morris Pest - a Pest inspection for a home of under 2000 sq ft in Marin County. (if its larger you would pay a little extra but the base price is covered.) value $345

And From Flaherty Home Inspections - A full Home inspection Value $635 - Its also for a home under 2000 sq ft in Marin County ... (if its larger you would pay a little extra but the base price is covered.)

Gosh and there so much more.... Homemade retro aprons, trips, adventures. LORDY I am telling you it is the best value you can find, and you can write things off, and get a great deal, and help end Breast Cancer. COULD it be better???

YES - How about having a chance to win money at the same time! Well guess how many beans are in the jar and you can have a chance to win the pot. Each guess $20 (Half goes to the pot and half goes to the walk) You really can't lose.

You can do all of this AND RSVP and/or buy your tickets to come to the main event.
JUST visit

We are getting close in so many ways. One day we won't be asking "Are We There Yet?" We will be looking at our children proud of being part of the reason why we created a world without Breast Cancer. 

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