Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some People Wait a Lifetime

Standing on the edge of life, waiting for the right signs, one day you can wake up and realize you missed the game.

Last night history was made at ATT park in San Francisco. Matt Cain threw nine innings of perfect ball, no runs, no hits, no errors, no one reaching first base, perfect. When he was interviewed after the game he gave much of the credit to Buster Posey, his catcher, who called this perfect game. "I never waved him off once, I just threw what he put down."

When something like this happens it almost feels like it is fated. Blanco, playing out of his normal position catches an improbable ball in the gap, skidding on his belly with the ball clinging to the outside edge of the webbing in his glove. He shouldn't have been there, that ball should have been a hit. When shortly before, a ball that to everyone's eyes appeared to be heading to the left field bleachers, get caught by the winds of fate to land in Cabrera's glove at the top of the fence inches inside the park. The fact that the Giants score 10 runs with 15 hits, a feat very rare inside this ballpark, is simply inconsequential in the light of this moment. The first perfect game in Giants history, the 14th no hitter in Giants HISTORY and one of only 22 perfect games ever thrown in Major league ball - and it was Cain's... oh and Posey's and Cabrera's and Blanco and the rest of the team's who were passengers on this train of destiny.

As we look at our own lives I wonder how often we are shaking off the signs we are given. How often do we trust the journey enough to just throw the ball? How often do we just put one foot in front of the other and walk the path that lays ahead of us?

I know so many people who are frozen in place waiting for perfection to come to them. They don't do anything for fear it is the wrong thing. We all are guilty at one time or the other.
History isn't made by standing still. History is made when you throw the ball.

P.S. As an example of not waiting for perfection, Leslie and I have been able to get in some training in the middle of busy days. Now the excuses are valid, two kids at home for her with one more to pick up in the afternoon, and work for me. But here we are stroller and kids and all walking 7 miles on a Tuesday enjoying a beautiful sunny day at Ocean Beach in SF (this rarely happens) as a red tail hawk lands 15 feet away and a flock of pelicans fly over our heads seemingly close enough to touch. And you know what we found that day in Ocean Beach, when we could have easily been some where else? We found it was the perfect place to be.

Another perfect place to be will be Pinktini and Popcorn on July 22nd. Buy your tickets, no excuses, here's the link. Consider me to be Buster Posey and I am laying down the sign, all you have to do is click.

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