Friday, May 11, 2012

My "go to" walk

How many people can say when they have four hours to walk, they can walk from the SF Ferry to the Sausalito Ferry. Not only is it one of the most beautiful "city" walks in the world, but you start by crossing the Bay, passing Alcatraz and views that normally reside on postcards or travel books. And today I had the added bonus of sailing over with Patti who was headed into work.

This has become a walk that I never tire of, whether I am with  other people or by myself, I am totally entertained on the way. If I wasn't so entertained perhaps the 12 miles would seem longer or more arduous. But catch me at any time and chances are you will see me with a smile on my face.

Next year the Amercia's Cup will be held in SF. Thousands and thousands of people will be reminded of what an incredible place SF is - I know that already.

This walk is never short of tourists. From Cruise ships like this monster, or in buses, bikes, quaker boats or just aimlessly meandering. When you are walking through Fisherman's wharf and just abotu the enitre route, you have to keep your eyes open ready to dodge someone staring at the sky or some street performer. And where in the guide book does it say you get to walk seven abreast across the sidewalk so there is no room for anyone walking the other way. I spend a good deal of my time stepping off into the street to avoid collisions!

But they have a lot to ogle at ....Boats at Pier 39.

By the way THANK you PIER 39 for your donation to our auction. How cool are you! Family fun pack, Carousel Tickets, Aquarium tickets, Mirror Maze tickets parking and...

Your choice of the ROCKET boat or the Blue and Gold Fleet cruise.That will be some fun for the family of four who wins it.


As I got closer to the Sports Basement, I could see the remnants of Doyle Drive twisted and piled like tumbleweeds.

This fellow was actually looking out over the bulldozers moving the debris around, but it looks like he is checking out the new moon.

On Crissy Field this Heron was close enough to touch.
He was hanging out on the same grass where we camped in 2009. I don't know where the SF 2012 3 day camp will be, but I wouldn't be disappointed to be at Crissy - that grass is soft!

There is never a shortage of bridge views on this walk. It helps you get mentally prepared for the climb up to cross the 2 mile span.

Once you are on the bridge you dodge and weave through bikes and tourists, and ever once in a while you look down and see beautiful sights, like this 70+ ft boat.

When I got back to my car in Sausalito, I headed home to quickly clean up before heading into work. Now that my friends is a GREAT day.

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