Saturday, March 16, 2013

How I love the morning light

There is this certain glow that comes with the morning light. It seems to me to be the most alive the world gets.

All throughout the night, there has been silence, interrupted by dreams that mimic life. But all of that darkness seems an illusion. The dawn reaches out to awaken the world inch by inch from its slumber, revealing a pulse in each and every creature, every flower, tree and blade of grass.

Somehow in this awakening all the senses are at high alert. The air is sweeter and more crisp than any other  time of the day. The music of the birds, squirrels and whispers on the breeze carry peace to your heart. As the sky brightens, color becomes full bloom, from grey to amber to pink to green. Dew glistens on the lawn like diamonds before kings. We are all reborn.

As the day becomes full, the creation of that day becomes muddled with the busyness of life. It becomes so full of responsibilities and stress it is all you can do to hold onto it's color until night falls, as a release from the weight of the day. You are left to slumber until it is time to hope again that with the rising sun, the magic will last just a little bit longer than yesterday.

Good Morning.

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