Monday, August 19, 2013

A visit from my little Alex

I am 60 years old. My mother was 49 when she passed away. She only got to meet one of her grandchildren. But I still remember her joy and excitement when Laura was born. When I was expecting our daughters I looked over my shoulder to see if I could see her hiding in the shadows. I listened for her voice telling me what to do. But she wasn't there. Somehow though, I had her in my hands when I lifted them up, and in my voice when I made up silly songs. She was in my heart as I would spin them around. I hoped that they could see her in my eyes and feel her in my cuddles. Somehow, I think they did.

This week, I had the chance to try and introduce Alex, not only to me, but to my Mother. Alex came to visit, bringing her Mom and Dad. I can only guess that Glenn had some of the same thoughts I did about his own Mom, as he brought our granddaughter to a smile and then a giggle. I think he thought, she would have loved meeting Alex.

What I also felt was extreme gratitude that I was given the chance to meet her at all. Diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 42, I might have missed the opportunity, so I was determined to take it all in and squeeze with extra meaning, every hug, I could get from this big eyed, bright eyed, sometimes serious little girl.

Alex will be living even further away than she has already been in her 4 months. She and her Mom and Dad will be living in La Paz Bolivia. All the more reason then to try and subconsciously imprint on her the importance of coming back to San Francisco. Here is a little of what she, and we, saw on her all too short trip.

Glenn and his granddaughter..... JOY

 Grammy and Alex silly

Four months old

A kid after my own heart..... that is a "mobile face"

First Ferry ride - first time on water

Grumpa watching the AC boats

America's Cup Park

Bar hopping

Not impressed

 Banged up New Zealand

Up and at em

Cruising in the park

A party

Old time yacht

The family


Days past

 Today's boat
Lounging in the park

Glenn goes shopping

Opa meets Alex

Stephanie too

Myrna and Opa

Glenn flips sausages

Hanging at Opas

Great Grandpa (opa) and Alex


Is it grand or great aunt Georgette

On the way to the airport......
Miss them already.