Thursday, February 13, 2014

The ways the 3 day mirrors life

So yesterday I started the day is a really down mood. Truly deep and dark and sad. It happens to everyone one in a while and the past few weeks I was slogging through a cold, slow business and a deepening depression. Today I feel more hopeful, happier and confident. What was the difference?

Well, I listened to my own words. I looked at my survivor speech from 2012. My sermon so to speak to other survivors to proudly be who they are and let the world know they had indeed survived. That the very act of doing that gives other people hope.

I thought for a minute and realized, I can say that to others, but can I say it to myself. The talk was about hope and belief. It culminates with the thought hope leads to optimism and what follows optimism is belief. And we if believe there will be a cure for Breast Cancer there will be a cure. I can believe there will be an end to Breast Cancer, but there are times I don't believe in myself. When I don't believe in myself, I become pessimistic, and when I am pessimistic I lose hope. It is a mirror image of what I really have chosen to live when I participate in the 3 day. It is the polar opposite. And it isn't me.

When I walk in the 3 day my life hums. It is one of my sweet spots. There are moments in my business life when things hum...when I find a client a new home. When I help people reach their goals and guide them on their way. I know I am good at what I do. I am one of the best. I know I have a reputation that others envy for integrity and creativity and common sense. I also know the slow times will pass. But I am looking at what I do and want to find a way to tweak what I do to be more present and positive. To focus less on competition and more on what I enjoy and do well.

I have to say thank you to the 3 day for allowing me to make that speech. I wrote the words for others, but no one needed to hear the words more than me.

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