Friday, October 29, 2010

Knuckleheads unite!

Don't you just love how sometimes in life, there is magic. That kind of a feeling where things are happening for a reason. Not logical things, but divine things. Like a ball bouncing off the top of the wall in Center field. Mays territory. Magic. Like pitcher after pitcher throwing ball after ball, walking in runs for our team of knuckleheads. Magic. Like UUUUUUribe having the game of his life as his baseball life wanes and Renteria sending one into the stands 13 years after the last time he was in a World Series. Magic like 21 year old pitchers in black and orange holding their own against the odds. MAGIC.

This year, it seems like all the magic is with the SF Giants. And you know, it all makes sense.

Here we are in the midst of a recession. People have lost their houses, their jobs, their hope. Somehow having this team, who has been called misfits, castoffs and knuckleheads become Champions is more than fitting - it seems destined. We are the Giants. We are those people who have been counted out, and overlooked. And we can, just like they have, surprise people with our resilience and tenacity. "Don't stop believing" has been the rallying cry and song of the 2010 Giants, and they never did stop believing. Just look how it has paid off.

My hand has gone numb from knocking on wood but I do believe. This could be it.
This could be the year we take it all. And you know it will be all the sweeter knowing "they" didn't believe we could do it.

I know a little bit about beating the odds. Because I am a knucklehead too. The greatest victories happen when the "experts" say it is impossible. When the word "impossible" become your motivator, you are a knucklehead too. When someone says you "can't" and your answer is "watch me!" You are a knuckle head too. And God bless the knuckleheads. They are the ones who make magic.

So when we see Brian Wilson throw his magic slider by a batter in the 9th with 3 balls and 2 strikes, remember. When you see Freddy Sanchez hit his 4th double in one game, remember. When Juan Uribe magically pirouettes after fielding a ball, then thows a seed to Aubrey Huff in mid air, remember. Rember too that a young fellow born in Portales New Mexico, Cody Ross, had been sitting on his sofa just a month before he was signed by the Giants 8/21. He became the Most Valuable player of the NLCS. And when you see those East Coast broadcasters at a loss at how to explain it... remember. This year 2010, is the year of the knucklehead. The year for GIANTS!

P.S. On a side note. This year the SF Giants traded Benji Molina to the Texas Rangers. He played wonderfully in game one and I think all of us in SF were glad for him, he is a great guy. There is great love and respect for Benji in Sf on the team and in the stands. I find it once again ironic, the baseball donated to Wine Wars from the Giants was a Molina baseball. I find it perfect to know that regardless of who wins the Series, Benji gets a ring. Yep...just perfect.