Monday, October 4, 2010

Rain out on the series closing day? NO WAY!

After a good night sleep ( well for some of us...Cathy Shea spent it at home, Patti was sleep walking and well... some of us are not meant for camping regardless) we woke up to the sight of the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. At 5:30 am it seemed like a good omen. Maybe we would not have fog today, maybe it would be clear and warm.

No such luck, by the time we left the breakfast tent, a light rain started to fall. We dropped our bags with Glenn and john, bundled up and headed off for the final day of the walk.

The rain didn't dampen our spirits. We were on the home stretch...the finish line in sight. Just one more day in and around San Francisco...

Weaving our way through the Presidio the towering trees gave us some cover from the rain.

Katie looked at home in this decidedly Northwest weather.

A sculpture made of tree trunks stood in a field and everyone stopped to take a picture.

Some people had actually read the suggested packing list that included a rain poncho...not us. we had believed the forecast that called for clear skies and temperatures in the 70s. Silly us.

Katie was hurting by t he first pitstop and sought the medical tent to see if they could wrap her ankle. Which they did....

Shortly after this Katie called it quits.

She had walked 45 miles over three days. That was quite an accomplishment.

Allison was much improved after her 1/2 day rest. Back on the road she posed in front of Willard Street, where her great grandmother lived when the 1906 earthquake hit.

In one neighborhood there were a couple of families sitting on their stoops leaning their support.

One of the touching moments on the walk was this darling little boy who ran up to Allison to give her a small sprig of jasmine. The look on his face couldn't be recreated by this photo. It was priceless. I do believe it put a tear in Patti's eye.

On this walk there were hills and hills and hills.

We wove through Dole Valley, the Castro, Buena Vista, by Dubois Park . Up and down and all over town.

Allison thinks she should move to this house. I disagreed... since I should live in this house.

The team kept a good pace.

At the top of the hill the Warming Hut Hotties took a group shot.

On ward through more neighborhoods.

With our heroes keeping us safe.

To Dolores Park.

We were getting a little tired by now. There were a lot of HILLS.

After lunch in the park, we started the last half of the last day.Walking through the Mission, by China Town, the Financial District, on to North Beach, then down to the Marina.

Our SJ heroes stopped for some lunch.

Cheery folks at a cheering station.

Heading into Hayes Valley

Near the Symphony Hall.

The Civic Center

Oakland Firefighters with their cheering area... We got to dance our way through a Congo line....

Down into Union Square Area...right by Saks!

Catching some teams getting some "refreshments!" BUSTED

Street art

Chinatown gates at Grant and Bush

And at last our own pitstop at Columbus Cafe where we got to see the GIANTS take the final game against the Padres cinching the western division of the National League! YAHOO!


It has been 15 years since I even considered drinking a Campari. But when I walked in the bar Chuch was drinking one and it looked really good. I caught myself and remembered, I used to love Camnpari, until I had Chemo. Adriamyacin is the same color as Campari. After that day, every time I saw it I tasted the poison of Adriamyacin.

I guess.... I am over that.

Leaving the bar we stopped by the official last pit stop at Washington Park.

Where Crew were cleaning up.

Bill's last crossing.

Goodbye Bill....

And then...TA DA! We were done. FINISHED. 3 days 60 miles.

$34,000 for Team:Are We There Yet? and 3.7 for the SF 3day.

Allison with her determined and enthusiastic walk.

Katie with a valiant effort. It was great to have her here.

Stephanie on her first Walk. Completed the entire walk!
Patti on ther second walk breaking her fundraising efforts of last year. Completed all 60 miles.

Cathy Shea with little training completed much of the walk
with the determination to continue walking.

Me! #3 in the SF Bay Area for fundraising with no BLISTERS and all miles completed.

Dana, who wanted to walk last year, but was told NO by some team leader we know, compeleted not just the 60 miles but the suggested training. Countless hours of walking. Unmeasured determination.

As we celebrated I got a phone call from Sonya (my dear friend from Arizona) she said she was there...and there she was sneaking into holding!

Tri -Deltas get things done.

TEAM: Are We There Yet! YUP at least as far as 2010 we are!

The Youngling girls.

Godmothers and God daughters.

The crew went first into to head off to the closing ceremonies.

THE LAST WALKER!!!! Time to go.

Bill's ready

I cried when I saw that shirt.

The firefighters came by and looked like they were going to break through the line of walkers, but they came to salute us.

Who wouldn't smile.

The survivors lined up.

And then headed to closing.
The cops lead us in.

And supporters acknowledged us.

The walkers raised a shoe in salute to the survivors.

The ceremonies began with the riasing of the flags that signify the spirit it takes to battle breast cancer.

And each and every one of us, understood that personally.

Until finally the flag was raised to signify a world without Breast Cancer.
then the survivors all got up on stage around that flag to dance a victory dance to "She's a pink Warrior."

We will never give up. We will never give up. We will never give up.

Time to celebrate this weekend.
With the ones that supported us through our training and our fundraising.
Our friends and family

Those ties that bind.

And grow stronger each year.
Deeper and more connected.
As I finish this post, know I am not done telling this tale. I have more to say. But in the interest of getting these photos out there, the rest of the story will wait.
In the next few days look for the top ten things this years' walk blessed me with.
With the top ten pictures. As for now, know there will be 2011. It is just a question of whether it will be in SF or DC. I will keep walking until I simply cannot.
Because everybody deserves a lifetime.