Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks.

It's the season.

When the girls were little, we would go around the table and each say the one thing that we are thankful for that year. Sounds like a silly exercise. "I am grateful that I passed my math exam. " "I am happy to have two front teeth." But it is an important part of living life. Giving thanks.

This morning I had breakfast with my good friend Patti. I haven't been able to see Patti in a while since she is working two jobs while juggling life at home and checking in with and visiting with her 93 year old Mother in Colfax. Missing my dear gal friend with who I can share the daily ups and downs, I began to catch her up on the life and times of the Younglings.

I noticed the tone of what I said began to sound a bit like complaining - the girls are too far away - the plane tickets are expensive. Money is tight. I haven't been able to walk as much as I'd like. I feel like I am getting old...etc etc. You get the picture. I neglected to say this;

I love waking up to the beauty of where I live. The fog laying like a blanket covering the lush oaks of Tennessee Valley while the sound of the turkeys warble in the air. Glad that I can go outside and not have to scrape snow off my car. Thankful for my new little hybrid (even though it is really black not blue). Blessed to have a man sharing my life with whom I am still madly in love and who I respect deeply and enjoy thoroughly. I am thankful that my life is so bountiful, I haven't known true want ever. Thankful that our children are bright and beautiful and have a life of great promise in their hands. I am blessed that they still want to share some of that life with us. We are lucky to have extended family who like each other and even though miles separate us, we are strongly connected. I am blessed that whenever we do get together there is inevitably laughter and joy.

My friends are to me, such a gift. They are there with me through all of the trials of life. But they are also there when there is not much to say. They have stood by me, and me them. Throughout the 3 day, many have walked with me, more have supported me and all have inspired me. To them I am very thankful.

I am thankful for being born into a country whose core values of individuality are tempered by the common good. I am blessed to have a profession where I can help people reach the fundamental goal of owning a home. I feel lucky that people trust me to ease transitions and make the most of things for them. I am thrilled when I can provide the best for the best of my clients.
The ways in which I am blessed go on and on and on. Each day I wake up look in the mirror and remember just how lucky I have been.

So this Thanksgiving, even though it will be quiet and we won't all be together, remember this Thanksgiving, the one thing I am grateful for is you. Thank you for being a part of my life.