Monday, November 15, 2010

The leaves of fall

Over this past weekend I flew to Washington DC to help my daughter Allison and Son in Law Chris look for a new place to leave. It took 5 hours to fly to see them. To go and see my daughter Katie would take nearly 2 hours up in Seattle. My sisters live about the same distance away and my brother Ken and his family are in Bend. That's a puddle jumper or a long drive. My father is in San Diego. My aunt is in New York. Glenn has family down the peninsula.

What happens when the leaves on the tree are clinging to the longest branch? Are those the first to fall when autumn hits? The ones what hold fast in the tree's center surely are protected from the wind, the cold and the changing climate, more that those at the edge.

We drove through piles of leaves in Virginia as we looked for a rental for Allison and Chris. I thought about how different their lives will be from mine. How exciting the change must be. How separated from them we are through the miles. How much I miss having all my family close. How I wish it were different. But what sustains me and keeps me from total depression is that we are made of the same stuff and even though we are far from each other, that will keep us from losing touch entirely. Staying close through the miles today is much easier than it was a generation ago. When my parents moved to the west coast, my father was separated from this family by a continent. I remember spending a few weeks at summer in the unfamiliar humidity of New Jersey. I remember the weekly phone calls (Sundays usually) to stay in touch. My sister Vicki's son Michael is in Maryland. Besides the occasional plane ride to be physically together, they stay in contact via Skype and blogs. Vicki can see Aubry's first tooth the day they first notice it. But still.... I know nothing is a good as being able to hug someone you love.

So this weekend was good. I was able to hug Allison and Chris. Walk with them on the Mall, strolling the Smithsonian, sit on backside of the Lincoln Memorial and watch the setting autumn sun. I could see where they will be living so it will help me feel more connected when they are away. I was able to use my "Realtor" card and instruct their agent how to negotiate. (I am sure he appreciated that).

It is exciting to me that there is so many adventures on the horizon. I only hope that as the winds swirl we will always find our ways to each other somehow.

P.S. I know in September of 2011 we will be walking DC in the 3 day. There's an adventure we can share. It meant the world to me to walk with both Allison and Katie this year. When walking in DC this weekend, I noted people have different strengths. Chris is a good reader. He spent a lot of time reading things in the Smithsonian exhibits. I on the other hand want to keep moving and see a lot...... Standing makes me nervous, and achy. Walking to Chris, too far, is not his thing. But Allison and I...we could walk to Timbuktu and back.

My heart is still touched by the phone call from the 3 day gal Brittany, who told me how the money we raised was paying for the study she was a part of. THAT my friends makes it all worth while. I hope you will continue to help making a difference. PLEASE Donate as much as you can ....