Sunday, November 13, 2011


Its been a busy week with a few Real Estate deals brewing. There's a lot of brewing in Real Estate, a lot of maybes, a lot of waiting. I read in a Real Estate blog a question and answer about how available are you for your business. Almost everyone answered 24/7. You can't survive in this business unless you are available FULL time.

Even though I am pretty darn available and have a lifeline attached to my I-Phone, I refuse to make Real Estate my life. My life is so much more. But it is tempting to forget that when you set out to do something for you... and a deal, a seller's insecurity, a buyer's immediate need is calling for your attention. These obstacles are there to challenge your resolve to balance your life. If you approach the obstacles with an open mind, and seek other avenues to take care of business at the same time you take care of yourself, you can often find a better and more healthy avenue to follow.

But it isn't easy. It isn't my personal life that wakes me up at 1 am, its my business. But I find sleep comes much better, if I have not neglected my walking, my friends and my family and life.

Today, after a fitful night of sleep, during which I worried about my sellers and buyers, I decided, to walk into work for the first time in a couple of weeks. I am betting, tonight I will sleep. And thank goodness for the I-phone. If an offer comes in, I am a hour from a computer and seconds away from responding. Remind me of this next time I am tossing and turning. It is a valuable lesson for all of us.

Today's walk - The Obstacle here was the high tide. I could have turned back...

But I didn't. I went cross country looking for a way to pass it by.

And eventually found myself back on the path.

Looking back at what held me back a few minutes before.

HELP ME ON MY PATH to my fourth 3 day walk?!

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