Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sam's Here We Come!

Whoever complains about the weather in the Bay Area is simply an idiot. Our weather has been so spectacular it seems as if day after day are postcard perfect. While parts of the country have to endure dangerous drifts of snow, we have been sitting in 60 degrees and sparkling skies. Waking up this morning I pondered where I should convince Glenn to walk.

The first thought was Point Reyes. No doubt it would be beautiful on the coast, but the trouble there would be the drive out and the time it took. The next thought was the Presidio. We have been meaning to walk out there together and do some exploring. But then it came to me, the one place Glenn would most certainly agree to SAMS!

Sam's Anchor Café is on the end of Tiburon Peninsula. With its larger than life deck and views out over the harbor to Angel Island and SF it is a nearly perfect location. When we have the boat we have sailed out there and tied up to their dock. But walking is what I need to be more diligent doing right now. All together the walk back and forth is 6 miles. It is a walk I have often done, from Blackie's Pasture to downtown Tiburon, but I rarely have a scenic lunch to go with the walk.

Glenn takes off on every walk with me with every inch of his 6'2" legs in what feels to me as a hurry. My favorite pace with my 5'4" legs is 3 miles an hour. I can walk faster. I can walk slower, but 3 mph is perfect for me. If we continued at this pace we would be walking at least 3.5 mph. Glenn reminded me as I complained about the pace, I always come on strong at the end of the walk. (Which by the way is true). But he slowed down so we could walk together.

We wandered down the Tiburon Bike path and then down San Rafael on Belvedere until we came to Tiburon. Glenn looked out over the water and I looked at houses. I guess I really am a Realtor because I do spend some time critiquing people's remodels while commenting on the average price in the area. By the time we reached Sam's I had selected a dozen homes that I would be happy to move to. Pointed out several more that would be wonderful to fix up and spend millions of dollars we don't (and barring a miracle will never) have.

We found our seats on the deck and ordered our brunch complete with our drink of choice. For me it's a Bloody Mary (it does have vitamin C doesn't it?!) Glenn had a Bud with his beer. I hope to improve some of my food choices so I skipped the many tempting choices in favor of a sweet potato, kale and cauliflower hash with poached eggs. Yummy!

Walking back I was a wee bit quicker than Glenn, just a hair. I can tell I am not in my walking form yet. The walk made me a good deal more tired than I would like. So.... diet (more healthy), exercise (more consistent) and some altitude training and I will be ready for a trip to Bolivia!

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