Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Turning a town PINK!

WE PINKED Mill Valley
This Saturday Leslie, Joe, Arlene and I walked door to door through 80% of the Mill Valley route posting and leaving notices about the Friday June 21st walk. This last walk through Marin is NOT something I take lightly.
When I joined the Komen 3 day in 2009, we walked through Mill Valley and at the time there were a couple of cheerers here and there. A couple of groups that came out and handed out candy and stickers and smiles. But even then in comparison with San Francisco Marin was lack lustre. Little did I know at the time, they were anemic at best.
When walking in DC and San Diego there were hoards of people with varying degrees of pinkness. In Dc I heard people from Atlanta say how few people they felt had come out. I was floored at this first NON Marin, NON SF experience.
San Diego is incredible. Here I heard walkers remark on the lower number of people out when I felt it was wall to wall. Old people, young people lots of pink people.

So on this last walk through SF and especially Marin I have tried to get the word out and build some excitement. So far several businesses and people have promised to do their part. Of course Alain Pinel will be a part of it. I am thanking them with Mimosas and Bloody Mary's. I suppose we will find out on the walk how effective this effort has been.
In the meantime please do YOUR part. Come out to cheer June 21st in Marin, June 22 and 23 in SF. Details on the route and times can be found here....
 Or come on downtown Mill Valley between 9-12:30 to revel in the PASSION of PINK