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DAY 1 SF 3 day 2013

This 3 day is special. It always is. But it was announced shortly before this walk that this (along with 6 other cities) would be dropped from the 3 day calendar for next year. I have walked in SF for 3 other walks. This was my 4th. It may have been smaller, but no less significant to me. In fact the ups and downs of the past couple of years for the organization have tested my personal commitment to Komen. I have analyzed and examined all my reasons for walking and for the support I have given to Komen. I am proud of what we as a community have done. I am proud of what I have done.

Walking 60 miles in 3 days is easy compared to what we do to prepare. Raising $2300 became increasing difficult in the current economy and political debate only served to get the focus off of WHY we walk. But this year, I was reminded at several points just how important this walk has been.

When we lost Bridget this year (at the age of 29), we lost a symbol of what we have accomplished and how far we still have to go. Bridget lived for 8 years past her diagnosis with stage 4 Breast Cancer. She lived well and participated in trials that will help change the face of this disease for those who follow her. Those studies were funded by Komen. Her Doctor was supported by a Komen grant. Her support group was funded by a Komen grant. The funds raised in the 3 day support research. Since 2009 I personally have raised over 50K toward this. Our team well in excess of $125,000 and that is just our team. Together the walkers of SF have raised millions in this fight. We have been a part of this.

Walking in SF for this their last walk, I was determined to make it significant not just to those who walked it, but to those people who saw us pass through. I wanted Marin to show up in pink. I wanted our story to be heard above the rhetoric of the headline hunger press. In the end, in my eyes, this was the most spirited, most positive walk I have had in SF. It was small, but it was important.

After the walk I usually have a week or so for reflection and rest. This year Katie came to visit with Dominic and his daughter so I really just rolled into other things. So this recap is not as immediate as I might have liked. I hope you enjoy the pictures. After I finish all 3 days of posting, I will give you some thoughts on what's next for SF because as the saying goes "WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP!"

 Ready to roll in Corte Madera
 A smaller group of 420 walkers and 200+ crew
 Sheri and press - Katy to the right (PR)
 Picking up my BofA tracker

 A welcome sight our SJ police back and ready to ride

Sheri and me (courtesy Jim Hillman)
 Team Are We There yet? Arlene Leslie and me

 Leslie getting ready for opening ceremonies - She carried my flag... BELIEF! Her Mom Arlene did an amazing job speaking at the opening carrying my husband flag.
 Waiting for the cue to raise the memorial flag
 On this flag we write the names of people who have lost their battle with Cancer.
Living Proof
18 years for me and on to walk #6
 Ready to head off on the route

 Start of a new day (courtesy Jim Hillman)
 Off toward Mt Tam
courtesy (Jim Hillman)
 Our Boa Boys (Courtesy Jim Hillman)
 Pit 1 Corte Madera Town Park

 So glad to have them back!
 People on route
 Pam and Patty
 Leslie's husband Rob gave out hankys with "Dr. Robert Purchase loves Boobs" on it!
 They were a huge hit, used as "do" rags, sniffle catchers and other useful things.
 I believe I have had the privilege of being escorted by this fine fellow for all of my Sf walks.
 Love my 3 day peeps

 Our team meet our people
 I do remember dancing with this fine police officer outside a port-a-potty at Lake Merced in 2010
 Pretty in Pink

 Tying on a Purchase bandanna
  Word of encouragement on the route
 Our very own Hookers!
 I hope they will travel to Seattle in 2014!
 First hill???? DONE!
 En route to Mill valley

 Leslie and Arlene
The Purchase house decked out.
 Patti joined me for the walk into MILL VALLEY
Don't stop believing
 Tony Tutus
Title Nine
Sequoia theater welcome the walkers

 Tyler Florence forgot?
 Patty and Pam on the corner!
 A welcome sight


Patty and Pam

 Peet's with treats
 Old Mill School
 And of course APR!
 Randy, me and Jean
 This one's for Kristina!

Julie (courtesy Jim Hillman)
Sara (courtesy Jim Hillman)

 Hello Sausalito... Let's make some noise!

 Sausalito (courtesy Jim Hillman)
Sign by me (courtesy Jim Hillman)
 Tam Valley comes out (I missed my people by 5 minutes!)

 Love my friends. Chuck and Stephanie came to join me. Patti headed off to change her clothes for work when we passed her house boat.

I wanted to bring some spirit to SF like San Diego. So we had a few "SAN DIEGO" jello shots on the road. The park police like them! Of course the SJ police did too. Even though the walkers thought those funny men in boas might be "suspicious" I think they were a hit.
 Walkers approved.

Great spirit

 The Drake Cheerleaders came to cheer the walkers on the bridge. They were given a time slot that was a little too early so they couldn't stay as long as they or I would have liked. But I caught them before they headed home. They gave me a personal Cheer.

 Leslie and her Mom had swept so I walked this last bit by myself.

Final Pit at our old camp grounds in the Presidio
 Then we made our way into the new campgrounds at the main post.

And we arrived
A little refreshment from my boa boys.
 It was crazy windy. Clear but windy. Tents couldn't be staked because it was Federal property.
 Got an email/txt from KTVU (Patty Lee) looking for an interview. They wanted to talk with me and a couple of other walkers "about the controversy"). It didn't occur to me I should run it by the PR girl. In fact by that time I didn't even know if she was still around. So I thought of a couple of folks that would be perfect. Sandra who has walked in all of the Sf walks and Jessica who had just finished her chemo and was walking in her first.

I decided not to shower but to wait for the interview.... But it was delayed as the wind blew....
 Finally I was told the reporter wouldn't be making it but they would send a Camera man. She was called to an accident where someone had driven into the bay and drown.
 So as I waited we settled into camp life
The final walker arrived and the flag was raised.
We enjoyed dinner and a show...
 And we took a little time...
And we waited.... Then about 8:00 (Camp closes at 9) The PR person (Katy) came up to me and asked if someone had set up an interview without going through her. I gave her the phone to speak with the reporter and then when he arrived about 8:30 Katy set up were she wanted the interview to be done.
The reporter said he only wanted to talk with me. But I had Sandra and Jessica there. He did the interview and shot a little footage of them (that they didn't use)..
As far as what I said... I knew what I wanted to say. I knew the truth. Komen has saved lives and we will never give up. So I kept on message and this is what they aired.
I still had not showered by the time it was over. The thought of sleeping in a little windy tent with wet hair didn't appeal to me... so I went home. I couldn't find my Iphone. Glenn has a tracking devise on his to find mine. He looked it up and saw it moving through the Tenderloin. He had called it earlier and no one answered. As I picked up the phone to call the police Katy (PR girl) texted Glenn's phone to let him know she had my phone.... PHEW. Finally I was off to bed to return to SF bright and early for Day 2.
To be continued.....

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