Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DAY 2 - SF 3 day 2013 - To the Zoo, up Russian Stairs and back 22 miles

Glenn took me back to camp in time to meet up with Leslie and her Mom. The route opened at 7 am but first  we grabbed a small breakfast and joined the crowd ready for a 22 mile day. On this day I was looking for David Golias who was going to spend the day stalking the walkers while on a layover from the Philippines to Cleveland. So you see I am not the only one who is passionate about the 3 day! 
Along the way we were joined by family and friends and some wonderful people gave us the support these walkers so greatly deserve. I walked by myself for part of the walk, with Leslie and her Mom for part, with Leslie for part and Patti and Leslie from the beach back to camp. Blisters began to form but I soldiered on. My boa boy kept great taps on me with cappuccino and jello shots. It was a long walk... and a beautiful one. The mood was upbeat and our great crew kept smiles on our faces. From potty stickers at pit stops to super heroes at Lake Merced. Walkers got to see neighborhoods of SF and come to know there is more to this city than Fisherman's wharf.
The finish of the day brought tears to my eyes as Jessica Olsen told her story. 29 years old she had just finished her chemo therapy. Everyone told her she shouldn't walk. But she said what they didn't know was this walk was as important to her recovery as any drug therapy. I understand that. Every step I take is a step away form the Cancer that tried to kill me. Every step I take I am stronger and more determined to bring an end to this disease.
I stayed at camp in a pink tent by myself, thinking of walks before. Missing some of those people who have always been walking with me. But I fell asleep glad I was there - with a plan to stop at medical before heading out to nurse the blisters on my feet and prepare for the final day.
 The start of day 2

Heading out
 Presidio Inn
 81 year old George who has walked in like 30 of these!
 Heading out into the morning sun
 Westward out of the Presidio
 Alabama Dad walking with his daughter

Potty Stickers at Pit 1
 Great dog and dog owner ... there all 3 days
 Courtesy of (Jim Hillman)
 A nod to Bridget
 Men look good in Tutus
 Men look great in boas too
 In Golden Gate Park
 3 of my favorite kids
 Cheering their Mom and grandma
 Houses showing spirit
 Pink cheer
Leslie and family

 Love those SJ Cops
 Taking a lap with her Dad

Gotta love them
Cathy and Big Red

 Coyote warning in SF
The old school ... Glenn's first elementary school

 Rare and beautiful weather for a SF summer
Stalking XTerra with SJ Cops
 Sheri Phillips (courtesy of Jim Hillman)

 I believe his name is Rich... I know I love him (courtesy of Jim Hillman)
 These girls came from San Diego with Mimosas!
 Support at Lake Merced

 We all have our reasons to walk.
 Lunch at Lake Merced
 Leslie and me

 The Zoo
 Welcomed to a Grab and Go

 New Balance photo shoot
 Leslie, Cathy and Patti
 Leslie and me

Support at the beach

 Up toward the cliff house
 Pink Bearded man

 Sweet cheer in pink
 And HOT pink
 Welcome to the top of the hill

 Glenn pulled out the jello shots before heading into Lands end
Leslie and me
Russian Steps (courtesy Jim Hillman)
At the end of Lands End - A family supporting their hero
 Sea Cliff
 A new direction
 Los Lobos valley walkway

And following this was a hill of loose sand... COME ON!!! It did a number on my blister.
 Heading up a hill to the overpass for the MacArthur tunnel

 Haven't been here before.

 Presidio Golf Club

Wooden sculpture from 1964
Leslie and me
BACK to camp
 Mind the sign

 This dog is comfort dog

After 22 miles it is a welcome sight
 This time I took a shower right away!
 Still breezy
 Last walker

Flag is raised
I finally met him! David Golias! He was out there all day 2.
Beverly found me because he was looking for me too.

When you go to bed after hearing someone like Jessica speak, you go to bed knowing what you are doing matters. It is a sad thing to think the 3 day will not be back in SF for awhile. But I am so glad we were here this year, if only to give me this moment.
Time to sleep... there are promises to keep