Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The 3rd Day - The End of a Chapter

Glenn came early in the light mist of the last day to tote my camp things off. Glenn has been my Sherpa, my boa boy my cheer leader and I have never felt more love from anyone than when I see him on the 3 day. And on this last day of the last San Francisco 3 day, it did my soul good to have him there.
Glenn and I have been through a lot in our 32 years of marriage. Both good and bad. I am blessed beyond measure to have a man who can hold my hand through chemo, and sail in the Tongan breeze to the Lion King soundtrack. Someone how knows how to wear a pink boa with pride. People turn to me during this walk and will tell me "he really loves you." All I can do is smile.
On the 3rd day of the three days there are people walking with injury, blisters and a lot of emotion.
All three days are a little shorter on the 3rd day (at least the ones I have attended). This was was set to be 14.5 miles. Having walked SF 3 other times I anticipated a few hills.... Well this final 3 day had more than its share. Little did we know as we headed out of the Presidio into the mist.

 Familiar faces wished us luck and lined the streets on the way out of camp.

 And as they have on each day we were greeted by our Hookers. But since Sunday is a day of rest they were dressed in their PJs.

It was a wee bit wet so some people cheered from shelter.

 Glenn and me
One of my favorite homes on Buena Vista
Hookers on holiday (courtesy Jim Hillman)
 A morning dove
 These walkers decided to walk backward down a hill.
 The day before Prop 8 was over turned we walked through the Castro.
 Street Art

 SF vodka
 Support at Dolores Park
 Leslie and I walked the entire day together.

 Mullet Pig and friends came all the way from Minnesota to crew.

Getting closer to the Civic Center an appropriate sign. AND our team name.
Our own pit stop at Max's Opera Café (courtesy Jim Hillman)

 ICY beer and nachos
 Other people discovered our wisdom including Jim Hillman
Jim shares some eats
Ready for closing Jim take Patience on the road

 And we follow

Dancing with super heroes
The finish of my 4th SF 3 day
 In holding we wait for everyone to arrive
 Crew gather for a final meeting
 Still overcast walkers and people wait for the final closing ceremony of the Sf 3 day

Leslie's family pick a spot to cheer her on
 The shoe salute for the survivors  

  It always catches my breath to see the salute as I walk in

  I was given the extreme honor of raising the final flag of the SF 3 day.
Words cannot really express what that meant to me. But I will work on it when I write my final thoughts in the next post. Suffice it to say - I was very emotional about it all.
  And in the end felt energized and even more determined to not give up. 

  In the afterglow of these three days we take time to reflect on those people who matter.

 And toast our accomplishment
  And rest... to be ready for the rest of the journey

 And celebrate with abandon

 And give thanks to those who have stood by us
 And shout to the skies with determination and deep commitment....
Then head home to dream of the world we are creating - A world without Breast Cancer.