Sunday, July 7, 2013

Katie, Blixa and Dominic

 The day after the 3 day, we were blessed to have our younger daughter Katie come for a week with her boyfriend Dominic and his daughter Blixa. Blixa hadn't been on very many adventures, certainly not to California, so Katie wanted to show her all the great things that are in her hometown.
There was the Discovery Museum, the Headlands, The Marine Mammal Center, Redwoods, sailing, Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39, The Exploratorium and of course the boat. Our boat had been moved to Berkeley to be worked on. We had thought for a minute we would need to rent a boat for the boat ride. After all on Dominic's last trip the boat was unavailable too. But it all worked out and we drove to Berkeley to jump on a new and improved Haz Wa and off we went for a really beautiful day of sailing. I do think both Dominic and Blixa had a good time. And I know Katie was glad to be able to share it with them.  



We also ate sushi in a variety of places, visited old friends and had fun around Marin. Katie and clan spent some time with her good friend Clemmy. They went  into the city to Chinatown, and the Dutch Embassy (Dominic was born in the Netherlands and he was getting Blixa a passport for dual citizenship). They tried to go the California Academy of Sciences but it was closing when they arrived. But we did spend some time at the Discovery Museum.

 Katie's best friend when she was Blixas age - CLAIRE!

 Discovery Museum


Glenn and I hadn't had a chance yet to visit the new Exploratorium so we took the ferry over for the quick trip over to the city. It was fantastic. I think Dominic was captivated by the "Sound" portion of the place. Blixa loved it all.

Katie, Dominic, Blixa and I spent some time on Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 on their last full day here. I think they enjoyed the shopping and people watching. Unfortunately the sea lions were pretty non existent at Pier 39. 

We ended their day the at Ghiradelli Square with a chocolate overload.
It is hard to be so far away from people you love. I wish they could be closer.
Maybe someday it will happen that we all live in the same town. But the way things are these days it appears we will be far away. Allison in another country , Katie in another state.  But both always in our hearts and minds.

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