Friday, July 26, 2013

Training begins for a PEACHY 3 day!

It has been a month, I believe, since the SF 3 day. Since then I have nursed blisters, celebrated the 4th, Glenn's 60th, enjoyed the Russian River and sold a couple of houses. I could continue to ignore the obvious... no walking means, no training for my October walk. Looking at the training schedule I see I should be walking 10 miles this week in addition to several shorter ones.
I know excuses. I have a bunch.... and the thing about excuses is, they are always based in truth or we would never use them. So "I am busy" rings a bit hollow, because the next thought has to be ... "So what!" Today I actually could see a day in which I would be able to conduct most of my business via phone and internet so I decided to head out on a walk to Tiburon... just to get it started.
Just about every morning for the past couple of weeks the skies have been gray and I have been pretty late in rising. I sit in my bed and use my Ipad mini to catch up on news and Facebook etc getting up after 8am. This morning was no exception. But the difference was I got out the shoes and the fanny pack and got ready to walk. LONG over due. Atlanta is not all that far away.... 12 weeks goes by in a flash.

So I visited a client in her new place and parked my car at the Cove shopping center to head over to Tiburon via the bike path. I had on the prerequisite layers of a SF summer and my camera. I took a deep breath and felt that old familiar relaxing of my shoulders as I began to train for Atlanta.
I am always touched by old couples walking hand in hand. Especially when walking to end Cancer I remind myself about those people who have been stolen from their loved ones by Cancer. We are walking so someday we will be able to walk, in our the twilight of our lives, hand and hand on a beautiful Friday morning with the people we love.

The empty benches along the path speak to me.
 As does the beauty of life and the tenacity of flowers standing in the breeze.

 I have missed walking. I have missed the introspection it gives me. The time to remind myself of why I walk. And it is a statement to myself and those around me ..... that this is important. Standing up and lacing up the shoes and putting one foot in front of the other is important, because each step is a step closer to a day without Cancer. The more of us who make that statement, the sooner that day will come. I want everyone who knows me, everyone who cares about this cause to make a pledge to walk in 2014. I am walking in Seattle, and I would welcome you to join me, but you can walk in Atlanta, San Diego, Philly, Twin Cities, Detroit or Dallas
Registration will open 7/29 at
Meantime, I walk
 So that in October I will come to the land of Peaches
 Take a big bite
 And get to the heart of the matter.... An end of Breast Cancer.