Sunday, July 7, 2013

60 years old. You wouldnt know it. Ok.... well maybe a little

 We have a core of friends like most people. And like most people many are the same age. In our case 60. Glenn, Chuck, Dana and I are those people this year. Seems as if it has been a very LONG birthday. We aren't officially done, Glenn's birthday is next week, but Dana decided this years' 4th of July party would recognize all of our birthdays. Somehow the party morphed into a Luau.

There were a total of 28 there and all kinds of pork, tropical drinks, dogs and smiles. I think in some ways we are just as we have been for years, but in others... well, the day after these parties are not the same.

I do have to say THANK you 3 day people for leaving us 125 jello shots. These were well received by the party guests especially the Mango Madness. The dogs and Glenn are still napping. Yup some things are the same... and some... well....

 Patty's tropical fruit trifle....


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