Monday, September 23, 2013

A day at the park

Okay people ... my 3 day training has been somewhat delayed. First by a trip to Healdsburg t o celebrate Patti's birthday ad then, but the America's Cup drama.

What a spectacle we are being treated to on the waters of San Francisco Bay. Boats designed by aeronautic engineers, costing in the range of 100 million dollars each, the most beautiful city in America on display, people from across the globe converging first with a somewhat unbelieving distrust of this new technology, and now in awe with eyes as big as saucers.

THIS has been something else. I figure I had best get the pictures on for yesterday's races because I will be out there again tomorrow hoping the drama continues on to a deciding race on Wednesday.

I took the ferry over with Wren and Patti and we made our way first to a champagne booth and then to the edge of the pier to watch the last upwind end of the course where mark 4 and the finish sit. WE had a ball. We eve played groupies waiting for the sailors after their news conference.

I admit, I was an anti Larry Ellison person as the races started. Now, I am fully and completely convinced we need to keep this cup in SF. So I am all in, ALL ORACLE, GO USA (okay go USA and all our mercenaries).

I will end this post with a thank you to Ben Ainisle, or Sir Ben. Knighted for his 4 Olympic metals he is a sailing GOD. And a heck of a calm and seemingly nice fellow. Since Ben came on as Tactician we are now 7-2. IMPRESSIVE.
Today's race another one in the win column the score is now US 6 New Zealand 8. Odds still favor NZ - but heart and drive.... well I give the edge to Team Oracle USA

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