Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Looking back at a some America's Cup Races

Glenn and I were able to enjoy two wonderful days of the America's Cup from two superior venues. We were on a 85 ft schooner with our friend's Dana's Dad. The day was catered and the position ideal. The boat was an official boat who helped keep other boat from staying into the course.

Here's some pictures of the day.

Our second day on Sunday was with our friends Chuck and Stephanie at Club 72. This A-list club was a wonderful place to watch at the very end of the course with the finish coming straight at you. Here are our pictures of Races 3-4 with Oracle aking Race 4!



We are lucky people.....
Sorry this is out of order, who knows..... Maybe I will actually post about the rest of the races later! Races were postponed today due to win. US needs 8 races to wind and NZ needs 2.....