Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby its cold outside....

Two days ago - From Novato

Sometimes, home feels like somewhere else entirely.

The other morning when I got up early. I had a 7am appt with a client to pick up a counter offer, and I struggled to get out of my warm bed. As soon as the quilt flopped reluctantly over I realized the morning was more than brisk, it was COLD.

Admittedly, in the San Francisco Bay Area, cold is different than Big Creek Wisconsin, but to my California blood, this was cold. I looked at the outdoor thermometer and saw a chilly 28 degree reading. I put a pot of coffee on and opened the door for the dogs to go do their doggy business. Tucker wisely would only stick his nose out the door before he came straight back in and cuddled deep into the doggy bed in the kitchen. It was COLD.

Later in the morning I read an email from Jill in Moraga... "Snow here!!!"

I would imagine Jill's house to be at about 500 ft. not exactly mountainous. I asked that she send me pictures and the next day here is what she sent.

That's COLD! Jill said she was going to make a snow man.
So with all this chilly weather, what had happened to my training walks? Well Patti and I did make another walk out to Cavallo Point on Sunday, but here it is Wednesday and I haven't gone anywhere. I get up and put on layers of clothes. I head off to work early and can't imagine switching into my walking clothes or heading to the gym. before you know it, the time has come to go home,then the day is done... and there you have it...

I suppose coldness has an impact on my motivation. AND.... consequentially, my mood.

Walking has given me such optimism and energy. I realize it's been only 3 days since my last walk, but already I can tell that my energy had frozen like the water on top of the neighbor's roof. I need something to warm it up... to melt the ice and get me moving again.

Excuses they say, work because they are always based in the truth. Yes, it is cold. Yes, the holidays are busier. Yes, I have a lot of work to do these days.... but NO, that doesn't mean I can't find the time. Most likely, it means because of all those reason I have more reason to find the time. Let's see what the rest of the week brings.

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