Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Up and over, Over and under Marinview

In this time of creative cost conscience marketing,

I made a promise to myself to make the most every cent I spend.

When picking something to "give" to potential clients, you want to select an item that will be used, be in sight and/or not thrown away. In the days when my marketing budget was much bigger, I would send Christmas Cards, Calendars and include some sort of kitchen gadget that would be keep for years. Jar openers, ice cream scoops, flashlights and magnets all made the cut at one time or another. I would send via mail to my neighborhood and past clients. The cost was ... not inconsequential. 2009 is not that kind of year.

I decided to sharpen my focus and think differently.
More than my budget has changed this year.

Last year at this time, I was 45 pounds heavier. My opinion of my ability to be physical was rather low. My fear of exercise was HIGH. Then I signed up for the Breast Cancer Day and that all changed. As I walked my confidence grew. My business did not suffer because of this. I would argue it became more efficient. So this year when I contemplated what to do to mark the holidays, I knew the US mail would not be a part of it. I scoured the marketing companies to find something that would allow me to send a greeting (without the postage) and I settled on a postcard and a magnetic clip.

Today I delivered all 220 of them in Marinview. This is no small feat since the neighborhood is comprised of several very steep climbs and sharp declines. But I made it to each mailbox careful not to impede the opening of the door, lest I be arrested and sent to federal prison. In the process I saw the neighborhood from top to bottom and everything in between. I also, saved money, gas and didn't feel at all guilty about that apple fritter I bought at Starbucks this morning at 6:30!

I am trying hard to keep my walks up with at least one challenging one a week. I have so loved being able to go anywhere I decide. It has been a revelation.

Right now, I hope that the people of Marinview, understand what is behind each and every little postcard they see. I hope they understand it is a sign of my commitment to them, and my commitment to myself. Here's to a wonderful Merry Marinview Holiday!

Thinking of a donation as we near years end? Donate to my 2010 3 day walk at http://www.The3day.org/goto/donatetocathy

Be generous! Especially now that the new guidelines have cast such doubt on Breast Cancer and its detection, there has never been a more important time to take a stand.

On my walk through the neighborhood I had a chance to stop and talk to several people. One neighbor recently was diagnosed with a new case of Breast Cancer (actually 2 tumors). She had survived a previous bout, this she says, is not a recurrence. We talked about her first episode and how old she was. With no family history of Breast Cancer she was 34 years old. SO much for the task force opinion on when women should begin screening. This time around has been challenging for her as she undergoes reconstruction (seven months into a painful process). My wishes are for her to come through the other side, grab life by both hands and refuse to let go. Then maybe she can join Team:Are We There Yet? and be another walker out to kick Cancer's ***