Monday, December 28, 2009

Endings and Beginnings - Choices

It's been a long time since I have gone for a walk. In the midst of the Holidays, there is not the time nor the inclination to open the door and venture out into the cold. There are things to be done, and people who are visiting; parties need their planning and gifts need their wrapping. You, you made need a walk, but its put on the back burner. Although you enjoy each day and the people in it, your walk is in temporary holding waiting for you to take flight. After the presents are opened and your guests have returned to their homes, it's time to think, is now a good time?

This morning as I woke up I felt energized to get the walking gear on and head to the Ferry Building. I sat down and looked at only to see a forecast of showers throughout the day. My mood took a dip as I went upstairs and sat at the dining table to sip on my coffee. I stared out to the heavens and saw grey clouds clinging persistently to the sky, but no rain falling. The stone patio was damp from the rain that had fallen earlier, but I saw no new drops. I had a choice. Should I believe the forecast or take a chance? What's the worse thing that could happen? I decided the worse thing would be to stay home and watch my optimism darken with the skies. I put on the New Balance 1011s, and three layers including a rain jacket and stepped out into the unknown.

I decided to hedge my bets and not go into the city. If I walked to the office in Corte Madera, I might be able to stag a ride home making the day a 6.5 mile walk, imminently do-able, with less chance of being drenched. I noticed birds I hadn't seen (or hadn't paid attention to before). Set among the swamp grass, there were around 50 of these brown colored birds. They were nearly invisible until they took wing. As they flew their undersides lit up with the undersides nearly neon white marked with inkblack tipped wings. Their brightness stood in stark contrast to the drab sky.

Team: Are We There Yet has a few new members and I am excited for them to take flight. My daughter Katie is joining us this year, along with long time friend Stephanie Cihak and Patti's friend Cathy Shea. Each of us have our own reasons why we have commitment to this effort. The overall goal is to end cancer. For some of us the cancer that we try to end is from a very personal battle. For others, it is in honor of those who we have known who have fought cancer, some of whom lost their battles. Then there's the personal challenge of walking 60 miles in 3 days. I am thrilled when I hear that I inspired someone to join. I am excited to know that whatever their reason is in the beginning, the journey will be a lot like those birds today. The journey will open up new discoveries as they take flight. I am excited to be there to watch their magic as they soar. (If you would like to join our team or make a donation, visit our team website )

Part of today's walk was to compare Alain Pinel Offices. We have opened a new office in Mill Valley. I can walk to this office in literally 15 minutes. It sits along the shore of Richardson Bay. I know that if I wanted to I could move to this office and that move would have advantages.

  1. It is lots closer for most of my clients, and it is easier to get to for the SF clients who come to Marin.
  2. It's quieter with fewer people, and that sometimes is a good thing for work.
  3. Because it sits along the water, there are water views and my Feng Shui gal Amy said, I would benefit from a workplace with an East Facing water view...
  4. Change can invigorate you.

but....... I knew Corte Madera has its pluses too.

  1. It's located off the freeway and has great visibility.
  2. The support staff in the office is fantastic and the management spends most of its time there. There's lots of energy.
  3. I have a nice large office and have my marketing pieces all printed with the 101 Nellen address on them...
  4. I dislike change.

So I would appreciate your opinion because I am truly torn. What should I do? You tell me. Glenn would say don't make any sudden decisions. Pick an office......



I had hoped my walk would clear this dilemma up as well as brighten my mood. My heart is still heavy from the loss of our friend Om. His memorial services will be this Tuesday and Thursday. I hoped each step would help make me stronger for the emotional journey of this week. I think the thing that will make me stronger will be the arm of my husband. I hope he can find the same strength in my arm. It will be fitting the memorials are on New Years Eve, because on New Years Day we will have another choice; Shall we huddle in the swamp grass and disappear for awhile, or shall we together take flight and blind the world with our collective brilliance? And finally what would Om want us to do.

Life is full of these choices. Sometimes it is easier to hide. Change always carries with it some sadness for the things you leave behind. I hope the new year will be one in which we all venture forward and embrace each day. I hope you find the courage to take flight and the courage to look around you to see the magic.

Walk on friends... walk on.... because it is the only true way you can honor not only the future but today and equally importantly the past.