Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The challenges of winter, real estate and walking

When I hear people describe me, they usually come up with something that describes my tenacity. Varying from singleminded, to a dog on a bone, to a bull in a china shop. I am not always sure whether I should take these comments as compliments or complaints. I do tend to emmerse myself so much in a cause that it is impossible for me to believe others don't hold my goals in the same regard.

This never say never kind of thinking helped me finish both 3 day walks. Even with the most enormous blister known to man, I still hobbled across the city in year 1. In year 2, having learnt lessons, I made it without blisters and in one piece. Now the training for year 3 is starting off in colder than normal temperatures, with less time than the past to devote. My business is more challenging in the current economic times. Whatever I am doing is more time intensive. Short sales, foreclosures and dealing with banks who do not think or act logically leaves me stressing to find the time to get the sneakers on and get out the door. The way things are going the excuses for putting off training are piling up higher and higher ever day. And while they do, I become more tired and frustrated.

What my soul needs is to open the door, leave the computer and head out in the cold crisp air for a long and much need walk. But right now, I am bullheadedly waiting for banks to respond, for title companies to reply and business to be done. Trouble is.... the more I wait, the less is accomplished.

Perhaps it is time for me to be just as stubborn about making and keeping my own schedule as I have been about making deals that move at the pace of frozen molasses. Maybe if I take back my own time, I will find things will evolve around me. Maybe if I do that, deals will still be done. Maybe my clients will still be served and I still manage to stay in top notch walking shape at the same time. Maybe....

But I sit here staring at my computer screen reading a plaque that says "never, never, never give up," and think ok you stupid bank....... would you just hurry the heck up?!