Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Waxing nostalgic

I've been thinking a lot about the past. I suppose the new year kind of calls for a moment or two of reflection before we can focus on where we might like to head. And for me there is so much sweetness in the past, especially when I think about my family.
Today I have been thinking about my girl Katie.
Glenn would say she is his girl too, and I suppose I should always say OUR children, but somehow I have always been possessive of MY girls.
Katie was born with a sensitivity to life that was evident to anyone with eyes and ears. She looked like a porcelain doll. Her skin as soft and even as anything you have ever seen. I always thought of her as petite, and delicate. She was born (at a time not of either of our choosing) three weeks earlier than her due date and still she was 7 lbs. 14 oz. Since Allison was 9 lbs 4 oz when she was born that is part of the reason why I always felt Katie was the little one... Even when she outgrew everyone in school!
When I would hold Katie she would lean backwards and it was a struggle to be sure she didn't flip out of my hands. Allison had been a clinging baby. You could have put both your arms out to your side and she would still be holding on. (Except that one time when she was on my shoulders, but that is another story). Katie looked like she wanted to fly, arching her back arms flung outstretched.
She had a born enthusiasm that when she saw something new she would schreek
-. LOUDLY, clearing stores and causing a lot of stares. When she cried she cried LOUDLY and there was no way you could calm her down. She would only cry louder the more you tried. When Katie misbehaved and you would try to find a way to discipline her. The idea of time out sure didn't work. Sit her in a chair. She would catapult out of the chair tearing up her room leaving everything in shreds. I was sort of at wits end about what to do. Ultimately she was a pretty good kid. She idealized her sister and her father. She was a good friend to all kinds of kids, even the ones that others shunned.
Her heart was as big as the sky. Once during kindergarten Allison was asked to bring in an old toy to give to a poor child. She had a hard time thinking about what she would be willing to part with... but Katie came to me with her fuzzy lamby and said "give them my lamby". We picked a toy to give that she loved a little less. She wanted to give the one that mattered most.
Katie is today bright, caring, sensitive, artistic, unique. She is loved by many. No one more than her Dad and me. Her journey like all of ours is continuing - and I think it is exciting to know there is so much ahead of her.
To me she will always be my sweet sensitive caring girl who wants to fly.
And I love her.