Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why we need to decompress

Yesterday was a good example of how best to keep your head in the middle of the stress that 2011 is bringing many of us. I found with each step my body and my mind connected to things beyond those things which had taken over every cell of my being. The worry over what really is a temporary situation. The demands of other people who wear their stress like a badge of honor. I needed to distance myself from that just to have the perspective it takes to navigate through those rough waters.

Just the act of saying " I will not be available today" caused a weight to be slowly lifted from my shoulders. Yesterday was a long walk. 12 miles takes 4 hours. So by the time I reached the bridge I found I could breath easier. By the time I reached the Sports Basement I found my thigh and hamstring muscles were the only thing in me that felt tight. By the time I hit the embarcadero, even they were relaxed. It was as if they had a memory of walking that far and had just woken up.

Sitting waiting for the ferry the phone came out. The messages began to arrive in slightly panicked tones that I tried to ignore. And when I came back home I worked on work tyring to create some peace in the middle of confusion. When my husband came home late, he seemed impatient at hearing about the work things, having enough of his own to worry about. And I, I tried to remember what my body had told me.

What is important is how you fit into this world. Your feet on the ground, your eyes at the horizon. Its remembering that each step brings us new perspective. There are discoveries around each bend. You, you are constant in your own world and finding a way to embrace the time you are given here should be your mission. Appreciating the people around you who help you in your journey should be second nature. But often we are found drowning in temporary waters of worry.

I am so glad I discovered walking. Yesterday was a reminder to me that I need to make it "non-negotiable".

So as I am thinking back on the day and evening yesterday I am focusing on how it felt to walk across the bridge with the wind whipping my face and making may hair fly around my face. I recalling the guy on the skateboard being pulled by about 15 little dogs. Yesterday is about standing up for what I need and not settling for a postponement. And I wish... I wish we all could find a way to do the same.

Hey let's not forget...yesterday I also found out that Cavallo Point is supporting my walk again this year! Any day I see that someone does that ... makes me glad.

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