Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas time was here

Time flies when you're having fun. It wasn't all that long ago, through my eyes, that we were blessed to share Christmas joy with our two little girls. With every surprise, those little faces would light up like neon signs full of excitement and belief. Santa was a jolly man who came to our house for our party and down the chimney on Christmas eve with amazing gifts, filling the needlepoint stockings to overflowing.

Now the girls are young women and I feel somewhat older and shorter than I did before. But Glenn and I did our best to still bring some magic to each of them (and to Chris our son-in-law).
It was a beautiful Christmas. We spent Christmas eve visiting Glenn's Dad and then our dear friends Chuck and Stephanie at their annual Christmas Eve feast.

All grown-up - The Youngling girls

Throughout this Christmas I listened to Allison talk about her life in Virginia and Katie talk about her life in Washington. Learning about their jobs and plans for the future you are drawn to think back about other Christmases....

The first Christmases when Glenn's train circled our Christmas tree and Allison's eyes filled with wonder. The nights when Glenn would carry them asleep one by one into their beds after visiting Oma and Opa on Christmas Eve. The carols playing as they awoke and scurried to see what Santa had left them.

This year in the morning as the coffee brewed, we were mindful that Allison's husband Chris had arrived via shuttle from the airport at 2 am. Our start to Christmas was slower for sure, but still had magic. From the "gag" boxes to hold two IPads, to the New Braunfels ham and eggs with cinnamon rolls, there was tradition and fun. The stockings were still overflowing. The smiles were still big. And my heart was full to have my family together (if only for a short while). Now as the "clean-up" begins, I am thinking back on a good Christmas. Thankful to have been blessed with a family I love. Sad we can't be closer. Longing for the day we could be again. Thank you Santa I got just what I wanted.

Now on to 2012. Maybe Allison could make another appearance as Father time?

Ok, that IS asking too much.

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