Sunday, December 18, 2011

I see Christmas in your eyes.

Christmas is a whirling spinning twirling kaleidoscope of noise and lights and kinetic activity. It seems at times we forget why we jump in with all our hearts and minds each year to "do it again." I have to admit when I start pulling out the lights and decorating the tree, I ask myself how long can I do this? I have no children who live near home. The tall "real" tree that has always been a must at our house, is expensive and hard to manage. Ladders are a must to get up to the top, and Glenn is less than enthusiastic about lights. Our house is in a state of "getting ready" for several weeks. Instead of a home full of Christmas cheer, for those weeks it is a storage room gone bad with boxes piled high and burned out bulbs strewn about.

Every year since I owned a home I have had a Christmas party. Even 8 months pregnant with bruised feet, I made the cookies and laid out a spread for friends. I prepared a party after I felt a lump in my breast intent on not destroying the magic for the kids. The following year I celebrated the end of chemo with a few extra glasses of champagne. We have had parties through the kids baby years, teen years and I remember our son-in-law Chris' eyes at his first party. Yep those Youngling Christmas parties have had their moments.

In the past couple of years we have scaled back and made the party a grownup affair. Morphed the turkey and ham into a crab feed. But this year.... without a doubt, I knew it was the year the original Youngling Christmas party needed to make a return. Santa needed to come back to our house.

This past year has been very special. I have been supported by some incredible people as I made my way to the Washington 3 day- People who seem to always be there for me, through all these years - Neighbors who now have small children, who give me a big smile as I remember our children when they were little - Clients who have understood my involvement with Susan G Komen and my passion to find a cure for Cancer. Each and everyone, I felt, were overdo for a thank you and a little Christmas magic. But after getting to know the Purchase family, I was completely convinced, THEY all needed a party of love, magic, miracles and maybe even a little indulgence. And as we spin and get tossed around, this was for certain a time to believe in Christmas again.

And you know what... I was right. I saw it in the eyes of everyone in the room. As Santa made his entrance, it was hard to tell who was more excited, the children or the grownups.

As child by child found their way to Santa's lap, the smiles and love in the room grew. The little ones too frightened to come close, the bold ones who jumped right on board, each reminded us what it felt like to believe. To believe that Santa Claus with his bag of gifts, can come down a chimney in every home to every child in the world. To believe he could be in malls and television and the Youngling's living room. To believe.... that is the gift we each and everyone needs to accept with all our hearts.

And sometimes that is so very very hard. So we need a little help remembering.

As secret wishes are told to a man in a red suit and white beard.

And as we watch them it all comes back. Magic does happen.

Gifts are given. Dreams do come true.

Our requests become more specific as we test Santa to see if he really is all THAT magical.

Xbox 360s instead of a "real" doll.

But our Moms are taking note of the earnestness of the request.

Santa has made his notation on his naughty and nice list.

While others are still mesmerized by the eye glasses and the jolly man.

A little grown up 7 year old respectfully asks not to be forgotten.

The twinkle from Santa's eyes mirrored in his.

And then it happens. MAGIC. Olivia well enough to be in a crowd flies onto Santa's lap with her list of dreams. A very specific list for a 3 year old. While everyone in the room has one wish at that moment, and one wish alone. No more Cancer. Many more smiles. Many more years of magic for this little one.

Dressed in her finest, in a silk dress her great grandmother's crystal beads Olivia with so much joy had her moment one on one with Mr. Claus.

And I know she will get her wish. And I, will get mine.

While the rest of us will find more meaning this year as we thank God for our blessings.

And for the gifts we have received.

We are grateful for family who help us face our fears, and find in that great reward.

And as we grow a little older, how to find that magic doesn't need to disappear.

We find there is magic all around.

And even as Santa "leaves the building" we are celebrating that he came.

As we hold tight to the things and people we love.

This was a special party for all of us. I know Olivia said it was the best in her life. I have had a much longer life than she has and I have to say, it was one of the best in mine. Thank you Olivia, and all the rest of you who brought a little magic back to our house.

I do believe in Santa. I do believe in miracles.

And so do these girls. Hopefully they ALL will walk this year in the 3 day (SF ir SD). One step at a time, they will find the impossible can be made possible.

Glenn knows that!

P.S. I am $659 from hitting the minimum fund raising goal for 2012. $2300 if you donate, you can help me make another dream come true.