Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The good in people.

Tis the season.

For the past month or so the requests come in. It may be from the Williamsburg Colonial Foundation, the local effort to save the Scout Hall, The Humane society, The Food Bank, St. Judes, the Discovery Museum, American Cancer Society, A sock or warm coat, or business clothes drive, Mercy Corp, Americorp, NAMI, Save the Children or even from Cathy Youngling on behalf of Susan G Komen. It's a time of giving and organizations recognize that at the end of the year many people do all their yearly giving. For some organizations without the Holiday Season, they would not survive.

Especially when the economy is tough, and those discretionary funds are harder to find, those requests can sometimes break your heart. You would if you could but .... can you.

Giving is a wonderful thing. That expression that is it better to give than to receive, is one I believe in. But in the past few days I have seen the giving spirit in others lift my holiday spirits, inspire and ignite my will to do more.

Last night I read a post by one of my Facebook 3 day friends. Many of these people I have not "met" yet. But I know them. This community shares a lot that make us a kind of family. We are pink sisters and brothers. There was one who had a close friend, a mother of three whose power had just been turned off. The offers to assist came in fast and furious. The original request was for firewood to heat their apartment, but the offers were to pay off the bill, provide clothes and Christmas gifts and more. It makes you take a step back and smile. There is good still in this crazy world loads of it.

I had seen a news story about secret Santa's who were going to the local Kmarts and WallMarts and paying for the layaway bills of strangers. I saw another about a man who randomly gives out $100 bills, without judgment but only with love and how that simple act changed some people's lives. They lived their lives differently with more purpose knowing someone cared about them.

Today I got an unexpected gift from Santa...Pink Santa.

Santa gave me an unsolicited donation of $10. He is doing the same for 99 other 3 day walkers. Santa (Mike) has volunteered in 11, 3 days as crew. I saw him in DC and gave him a BIG hug! But I never knew who he was. He has made it his personal mission to end Breast Cancer. He wears pink shoes for Breast Cancer Awareness. His passion spills over to people around him and he inspires them.

Today, his gift made me smile and think...what can I do to make some one's Christmas brighter. How can I share the Christmas spirit with someone who may need the joy.

How can you be a secret Santa this year.

You may find your gift to them, is the best one you will ever receive.

Our daughters are due in any minute so it may be after Christmas that you hear from me next. Let me know about how you shared the spirit this year.

P.S. Only $525 from $2300. If the spirit moves you to donate.... click here...