Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Be the difference

Regarding this blog, I have been a little stuck. Maybe it was the rain that interfered, or the work load that tripled overnight. Or maybe, just maybe I was running out of things to say.

I took a walk with Patti and snapped a picture,

but found I didn't really have anything to say. After all I have walked this journey before. Not only have I walked from Larkspur to San Rafael via the pedestrian tunnel, but I have trained for 3 other 3 day walks. I have been blogging for 3 years about this journey. What more could I possibly say?

I waited for inspiration and found nothing but a head full of cotton.

I looked at the weather report and saw a week ahead with threatening skies. I found my motivation lagging and my excuses growing. So what did I do? I walked to work.

With all my pinkest of walking gear right down to the pink Pandora bracelet, I slipped on my pink bungee laced shoes and headed out the door. It usually helps with my enthusiasm to put on as much pink as humanly possible.

I along the way I thought I would look for things that were either beautiful or had a message for me... Basically I would be looking for inspiration.

The first thing I noticed as I wound my way down the hill from my house was this enormous oak that had fallen across a pathway. It lay in its stubbornness growing moss with every intention of being a part of the permanent landscape. Now when people decide to pass by they need to bend to alter course.
Within a few feet I saw the emergence of forget-me- nots. I took a hike last year shortly after a Cancer Warrior Kathi had passed from her long battle with Breast Cancer. I remember the walk in particular for the abundance of forget-me-nots that lined the trail. So when I saw these, I remembered Kathi and her fight. I remembered her video she sent to Allison and I to thank us for walking in this walk.

Looking closer I saw a honey bee gratefully taking the sweetness found in this most magic of flowers.

As I continued I heard the sound of water rushing its way down hill. We have had quite the dry winter. The sound was like a song celebrating the end of the drought.

As I walked along Shoreline Highway the cars and trucks buzzed by. I walked keeping step to the songs in my head, keeping my eyes on the horizon. But while I walked with such purpose I could smell spring. The sweet pungent smell of the wild garlic with it's white bells moving gently in the breeze.

Then the smell of licorice from the anise with its feathery fronds poking up out of the ground.

The bike riders along the walking path whizzed by while I looked out at the marsh to see if I could see any birds. Usually along this path there are hundreds. Today for some reason I couldn't see any at all until I came nearby the dog park where I saw one egret peeking through the fence.

There were numerous gulls circling the sewage treatment plant, flown inland in advance of the weather perhaps, but the normal shore birds were slow to show up.

Then I saw one lone duck, swimming on his solo journey.

A few feet beyond I saw three more.

And then when I was nearing the end of the path, I saw several different birds. Egret, duck, pipers and geese. It reminded me how similar the 3 day walk is to this growing flock of shore birds.. It starts a s an individual mission. Along the way you find birds of different feathers, each on their own mission. Together each mission becomes more fruitful, more fun... and more noticeable to others.

I saw this slogan on the way back home... "Define the journey."

What IS the purpose of the 3 day. Why am I walking. There are many reasons, but one is to join the thousands of others who together are making a difference. Each and everyone of us raise awareness, raise funds, support each other while we are being supported, we each and everyone of us matter. If one of us decides the journey is too long, or too difficult, or no longer worth the effort, it matters. We are that much less powerful.

I walk because I want to be the difference that matters. I walk because I am convinced that is what every 3 day walker is... the difference.

I asked today for my 3 day friends to tell me who inspires them. I will share this in next post. Because you, I think, will see just how much power and love there is in everyone of these crazy pink people. I am so proud to be a part of them.

I am glad I found my way to the road today, to rediscover my inspiration. It lies in every flower and tree, it speaks on the wind, its sweet smell fills my senses. It is the spirit of people who make a difference. It is like Spring.