Saturday, March 31, 2012

3 Day raggedys

I take my inspiration from moments I remember....

Tutu Boys
Boa clad men
Friends sporting back packs and smiles
INTRODUCING the latest additions to the Pinktini and Popcorn Silent Auction

The 3 day Raggedys.... They are quite the pair and would fit right in to a 3 day near you. Perhaps they remind you of someone you know!

3 Day Andy or.... Tommy Tutu or BOA BOY..

Measures 26" - featuring a pink boa and pink tutu

3 day Anne - sporting her boa and a pink back pack. Secrets inside her pack. Smiles on her happy face. No blisters because she is wearing the right shoes.

These two and more are available for your bid at

The winner will be announced at our great evening - with Peter Sellers in "The Return of the Pink Panther" - and a very very pink evening indeed. Food , drink and more all a glow in rosy splendor. Buy your all inclusive ticket now and mark you calendar!