Monday, April 2, 2012

April's Fools

You know how it is, you have plans all with the best of intentions. I believe mine this year in January included (but was not limited to) lose 20 pounds and walk at least 3 miles 5 days a week. Yesterday Glenn and I got up to bright blue sunny skies. I had an open house scheduled for later in the day, and Glenn had plans to go on a big sailing ship, but it had been quite along time since we had gone for a walk together. We took the hint (those sparkling skies) and drove to the parking lot at Tennessee Valley to head to the beach.

Surprisingly the way wasn't too crowded. There were the regular runners you could hear behind you crunching the gravel under the feet signaling they were closing in. It had rained this week and the path was covered with the occasional mud puddle, but I have seen it much more flooded.

Glenn's style is to take off at a quick clip. I always remind him, he won't be walking so fast at the end. But its the way he rolls. I quicken my short legged pace to try and keep up. I find when walking this fast I miss some of the little things I enjoy; the flowers, the sounds, the smell of the ocean getting closer. As we got nearer the coast we slowed just a bit and I took a couple of pictures.
As we came to the crest of the last bend before the beach, we could see the ocean in a frenzy of waves built during the recent storms.

You could make out the channel out there that fishing boast sometimes maneuver between the breakers.

The long grass lay flat from the rains and winds.

When we got to the beach we couldn't cross the creek that ran the width of the sand. (Unless we wanted to wade through the water.)

Waves crashed on the rocks, up and down the coast.

The others who had made it to the beach almost all stood with us looking over the sand out to the sea. There were a couple of runners who did try and jump the creek. They all landed in the water.

As Glenn looked out over the water, I could see the wheels turning. He was going to be on the Lady Washington later waging a pretend naval battle with the Hawaiian Chieftain. I don't think Glenn could ever live very far away from water.

For me, I enjoyed being away from our computers and work and just breathing the air and walking with my best friend.

On the way back Glenn's pace slowed to mine. In fact mine might have been a little quicker. He joked they need to get a key to stick in my back like the Energizer and take a picture of me walking on my way back. But I aways seem to find the time to see the little things.

And just as the poppies, spring is a time for new beginnings. I am looking forward to many more sparkling walks.

Glenn announced "We should make a resolution to walk to the beach everyday for 30 days straight. Rain or shine."

"You mean it? " I asked.

"Yes" he said.

Then this morning as we woke up I asked if we were going to the beach... "No I said after the rainy season is over."

Funny I missed that part!