Monday, April 16, 2012

So little time -

The other day when I walked to the beach with the Purchases I pointed out a sailboat race offshore. There were dozens of boats heading north along the coast. I didn't know which race it was at the time, but we all could see the seas were a little rough. I told them I had seen worse. Later I was to learn this was the Offshore Full Crew Farallones race. 49 boats were taking part. Later in the day a boat with some very experienced sailors decided to take the inside tack around the island. These islands are large rocky islands surrounded by jagged rocks, usually a sailor will stay well off these waters and give the rocks a wide berth. But in this race, according to reports from other boats, this boat went in closer than many would consider. Then they were hit by a 12 foot wave. The wave knocked five people into the water. The remaining crew attempted to turn and retrieve their comrades when another wave hit the boat this time sending it up on the rocks and knocking another two people into the water while breaking the leg of the third. At the scene there were three people rescued, one recovered dead and there are still four missing.

Some times I feel when I am having a hard time sleeping like tonight, it is because I am all too aware of how short this life is. There is so much to be done. Sometimes when I am sewing and in a mad frenzy trying to finish as many projects as I can, I think, I better get it done, I may not have the time tomorrow. I look at little children and I think "take it all in they won't be this little for long". We visit Glenn's Dad as he sits at home reading his mail or playing solitaire on the computer, and I think "I hope I always can grab life with both hands and squeeze every bit of it until there isn't anymore. I do not want to be idle. I want to do it all".

Each and everyone of us have a responsibility to those whose lives have been cut short. LIVE life. LOVE every minute of it even if it is a challenge at times. AND do whatever you can to give that gift to others. It can all can vanish in an instant.