Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where did it go???

Time runs away from you. I am used to that. But words, and blog posts? How do they disappear?

Well here we see half of the photos I had uploaded last week, with none of the thoughts I had so eloquently laid out. It's kind of like work this past week when I handed over a long describtive narrative of a home we have listed to our client. Even I thought what I had written was full of errors, too verbous and over board. It was to be a voice over for a video. I knew when handing this over it would never cut mustard for a grammarical guru who has strong opinions about writing. So when this effort ended up in the trash can it didn't surprise me. My blog post however did.

Blogger had changed formats and I assume the new format doesn't automatically save work. So at this point after a week of crazy crazy multi tasking, please enjoy these photos, without much commentary. Perhaps it is appropriate they are of a foggy morning in Tennessee Beach.

Hopefully the work load will ease (not likely soon) and the skies will clear (not for another couple of days) and I will find myself out on a walk again soon, where I can clear the cobwebs in my head.

A beautiful place to call home. Now if only I could find more time to enjoy it.
Well at least I have some pay off for the crazy work schedule. And as I tell Myriam, you have to ride the pony while its running. Right now our business is running at a gallop and I am holding on for dear life!

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