Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little of this a little of that

It was a beautiful morning and my face was dressed in a mile wide grin. I hit the road with a plan. I would get everything done, but I would walk to do it. I had appointments to keep at the dermatologist and work to do downtown Mill Valley. Who says you can't do it all. You just need to do it.

Its about 3.5 miles to the office from my house to the office. I get to walk in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Mill valley was recently voted by Smithsonian as the 4th BEST small town in America. To me it may be #1. After all it is home.
I worked for awhile setting up the next weeks open houses and doing a little work on marketing. I touched base with clients and then I headed off for my 2:30 appt at the OTHER end of town. I realized as I walked I hadn't been walking past 4 miles in the past few weeks.
But somehow I was energized by the simple act of walking. I hadn't slept well in a few days, and without walking I am sure I would have been lethargic, but I was pumped and happy (even if my knee was a little goofy).
I got to the Dr. in time. They did their annual "body check" and zapped a couple of imperfections... and it was off again, heading back to Tam Valley.
I stopped at Starbucks and got a frappacino and oatmeal cookie. Then headed home. 9 miles. Not bad! And I noticed the weather was on the way to spring.... Happy making for sure.

The next day I worked without walking. I planned on walking, I just getting get to it. That isn't good. Today I sit in my walking clothes asking myself why didn't do a formal walk today. Maybe it is because I a recuperating from the big Giants win last night.

My dear friend Patti (sign up already Patti) called mid day and asked if I would like to go to the Phillies game. Do I want to go see Matt Cain and Cliff Lee pitch??? Well what do you think?! OF COURSE!

I grabbed a ferry in Larkspur and met Patti at the Juan Marichal statue. I found out Leslie and Rob were actually at the same game. (Come on Leslie you are nuts, at a game and you had surgery on Monday?! I hope you took the escalator and not the stairs.) We never saw them. I had brought my Giants quilt, its inaugural trip, and Patti an d I were happily cozy under the quilt in section 128 while Rob and Leslie were in Section 107.

Now you have to know Patti is not a huge Baseball fan but she knew I was I appreciated her sharing the tickets with me so I could see a game that to her, probably seemed boring. It was a pitchers duel. 9 innings with shut out ball. 2 hits allowed by Cain and 7 by Lee. A game for the ages. It was a quick game until it seemed it might never end. BUT the Giants came through with Cabrera hitting Brandon Belt home in the 11th.

Now its back to normal... That means work and hopefully walking. Tomorrow I have appts scheduled from 9am on. Unless I get in the walk before then or after 5, I could be looking at another day without a walk. Is this what happens with people who have a REAL job when they train for the 3 day? Time to adjust. I need to remember how big I smile when I walk. What a little early mornign walking when I get that smile?