Monday, April 9, 2012

A Bountiful Easter

Easter used to be a day that was full of children, egg hunts and Easter bunnies, Grandparents and swimsuits, flowers and dresses with gloves and hats, baskets and cellophane grass and of course dyed eggs that looked like tye dye. These days it is different.

Glenn and I woke up to the sound of turkeys on our hill not children eager to go egg hunting. The day was beautifully clear so we put on our walking shoes and headed out to the Tennessee Valley trail head for a walk to the beach.

Every time we walk to the beach it is a little different. If it has rained the trail will be covered with several puddles that defy crossing. In early Spring there seems to be another new flower blooming on every walk. Sometimes the air is crisp and sometimes it is heavy with mist. Its a very special place to have in your backyard.

If I was to give this walk today a title it would be "The Shadow Walk" You know the kind of light that can cast tall shadows? Take a look at some of these pictures and you will see what I mean....

MR Turkey



Runner in the distance


GLENN downhill

POPPIES waking up


CROSSING on pieces of the TENNESSEE

CREEK runs to the ocean

Shadowy figures

Rocky cliff and cubby hole

Shadow - Cliff


Glenn - looks out

Heading home


End of the trail.

We finished our walk and headed off for the rest of our Easter.

Easter is a time for me that "shadows" could be the perfect tag line. It is so full of memories. I remember my father buying corsages for my sister, mother and I every year. He even sent me one when I was away at school my first year. My Dad often was gruff and not particularily warm to me as a child, but Easter to him was the best day of the year. To me as a kid it was one of the real miracles of Easter to see my father get these corsages for his girls.

My mother's shadow I feel on Easter as well. I see her in her hat and gloves. I see the Sees Candy baskets she'd produce. I feel her heart when I remember her singing hymns a little off key in church. I remember my sister with her white lace trimmed socks in her mary janes, with her dress full of netted slip, held stiffly in place, her glasses (which I coveted) to me made her look like a secretary. I remember the little white flowers in the lawn of my grandparents front yard.
I smell my grandmother's rouge. I hear my Grandfather's mechanical voice (from his electric voice box he used after having his larynx removed). I remember my brother being born at Easter time and the blue bunnies that made their way to our home along with my beaming father.

As a mother myself, I would try to recreate the magic of these memories for our children. See's Easter Baskets, carbon copies of our Easter outfits, Egg hunts and visit to grandparents. Easter comes and there are so many shadows surrounding me, it makes me feel lonely at the same time that it makes me feel blessed. Every year we would go to the Yacht club and have brunch. The Easter Bunny would arrive and the kids would sit on its lap. Felix would make them Shirley Temples. Each girl "played" the bunny at least once.

This year Glenn and I joined Patti, John and Patti's sister Cindy at the club. The bunny came by boat but it wasn't Katie or Allison inside the costume. But we had a nice time reminiscing with our friends. They too have memories.

After brunch we went back home where I finished the quilt top for "Circle of Hope". This quilt is all about shadows and light. The quilt will be given to a Cancer Warrior after our event in July. Anyone making a donation in the name of a Cancer Warrior, Survivor or Angel will have their name on a card that will go with the quilt. This symbol of love and support will surround the Cancer Warrior with the knowledge they are not alone. You can donate to the quilt by going to Just be sure to indicate who you are honoring with the donation.

This quilt top is heading to the quilter today... I will post the finished quilt later. But donate today!

After Glenn took a little nap, I called my father and talked with he and his wife Sandy. The conversation was a little unnerving because Sandy shared a story about a trip my father made (inadvertently) to Redlands. He had gotten completely lost and an 1 hour errand turned into a nightmare. I heard my father on the other end of the phone seemingly unaffected by what she was saying. I realized he is getting quite old. I am so glad I will be seeing him in November after the 3 day there.

Glenn and I finished our day by heading to his father's house where I made Easter dinner. Glenn showed his Dad his new I-Pad and some pictures he thought he'd enjoy. Every time we go to this house it isn't hard to imagine Glenn's Mom still being there. Nothing has really changed. It as if things were frozen in time. I think Glenn's Dad hasn't been able to really move forward since she died. There are more things around (after we moved him out of his office all those things are shattered about). There is a full time person there cooking meals and helping him. But the cards are still on the bookshelf she had there, her notes are still on the side of the refrigerator. It has been over 3 years.

The thing is about shadows, they cannot be as powerful if no light is around.

I am blessed to have shadows who are powerfully kept in the light.

This Easter was that kind of day.