Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Squeezing it in

It started out at around 9:30 last night when we received an offer on our listing at 326 County View, That is good news, but other potential buyers made the evening interesting. The buyer's offer came with a response time of 10 am. That was not only short notice, but wouldn't fairly allow another interested buyer to make up their minds, our client the time to fairly consider the offer on the table or me the walk I had scheduled for over a week for my "day off" Tuesday.

But somehow after all the emailing, phone calling and late night ruminating I was able to commit to a shorter walk and be back by noon to work. So that is what I did.

I met my team mate Patty in Corte Madera and drove to downtown San Rafael. We parked the car and headed toward China Camp Village and a promise of a Glenn "sweep" to bring us back. Leaving at 9:30 this gave us enough time for the 7 mile walk.

Patty has been juggling it all too. Work, an aging parent, a daughter, a husband and his family. It would be easy to just focus on one thing, but life isn't like that.

We caught up while we walked and talked. Then Patty called out for me to look at three shorebirds along the edge of the bay. That reminded me I had a camera with me!

So here are a few photos of our walk and final destination.

Patty and me
Working on the phone - its a new world.
But at China Camp it is still an old world. The old shrimping village has survived the budget cuts so far with the help of community contributions.
Its a great place to take photos.
With out without people in them!
The old dock and equipment showing the signs of time.
With young ladies getting younger with every step.
There is still some sort of fishing activity that goes on here.

And in not time at all our sweep van had arrived.

Our walker stalker, boa boy and best ever team crew... Glenn.
We scurried off to work. Patty off to sell beautiful linens and me to over over a contract. It always does your heart good to be able to get in that time that you need for you... and still work and be productive. I know my partner Myriam is juggling too, but she has taught me what her running means to her. Its sanity and perspective. My walk is that to me. It centers me and makes me feel like I can make a difference even beyond a CAR contract.

We need donations! Have you made yours? www.the3day.org/goto/arewethereyet donate to any team member.... Allison, Barbara Bryant (she's on the San Diego page) Patty, Judy or Leslie. Or me if you must!