Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back from the Northwest

Its not that far away. We could drive to Seattle in a day and a half. But we haven't been up to see our youngest daughter Katie in quite awhile. We haven't seen my family, my sisters and their children and their children's children in a long time. We were past due. So we decided to celebrate Katie's 27th birthday we would fly up for a few days.

Katie's fellow is Dominic, and Dominic's daughter Blixa are huge parts of her life. We hadn't gotten to know them very well, only meeting Blixa once, and Dominic twice. So this trip let us spend a little time with them.

The weather was a little cool and so we looked for indoor activities to do with Blixa. We headed to the Science Museum near the Space Needle.

Blixa had recently been there and was looking forward to seeing the planets and the butterflies.
She was eager but very polite.
She held tight to her Daddy's hand as we maneuvered the streets on our way to the museum.

Walking by the EMP museum who's architecture is supposed to replicate a guitar.

Then by the Space Needle.

Blixa saw a balloon man and beamed. He cracked jokes (which she loves) and wanted a balloon flower.

So he made her one!

She love butterflies and in the museum she was bright eyed and engaged.

Katie and Blixa had their picture taken in a photo booth.

And got to take a souvenir home.

We walked through the butterfly habitat and I took a few pictures.

Monarchs are Blixa's favorites!

Glenn and I tagged along and enjoyed watching everyone, enjoy themselves.

Looking deep into the tide pool.

Katie and Dominic.

Glenn and Blixa.

Rubics Cube.

Have to admit these old folks needed to sit down towards the end of the day. Standing is so much harder for me that walking!

We went to get some Seattle Coffee on Capital Hill before heading to dinner.

Glenn (who is a regular cup of Joe kind of guy) ordered his coffee as Americano.

Dominic and Blixa.

Katie and me.

The Younglings.

The next day while Dominic was at work, Glenn Katie and I went to a movie in Bellevue. Then later went to dinner with my family. It was way too short. But I did get to meet Adam my newest grand nephew, Laura and Steve's youngest and catch up with Owen their oldest. I got to see Debi and meet her roommate Noriko and her son, catch up with Debi's kids Megan, Madeline and Grace. Then there was Michael and Kelly with their daughter Aubrey and (one on the way!) And the hub of the Northwest Collis family wheel Vicki. We ate at the Spaghetti factory and said good bye too soon. It makes me sad we live so far apart. I sure hope we have some visitors come our way.

After dinner we went back to the Hotel and talked late into the night. I learned that Dominic is a night owl. Glenn and I tried to keep up!

Then it was here, Katie's birthday. We decided to head up north. Originally we thought of taking the Ferry to Friday Harbor, but we got a very late start. We decided to drive to Whidbey Island and then take the Ferry back to Mukilteo.

It was a beautiful drive, up nearly to Anacortes and the over Deception Pass.

27 years has gone by and our little girl is all grown up.

I know she had wished we had had enough time to head to the Washington Coast, a place she loves. But we were glad to have the chance to explore and share her birthday.

Katie remembered her grandfather had a shirt that said "Where is Coupeville" and so, we took a picture for him to show him where it is!

Langley is a cute little town near to where the Ferry landing is on Whidbey Island. We discovered how these towns look like when it isn't the "season". There were very few places open. Most places are only open May-September.

Glenn and his little girl.

Mt. Baker in the distance.

We found a coffee shop and had a little something warm before heading to the Ferry.

Langley is full of art. These birds (not real) clung to the branches of the tree.

On board the Ferry, pulling away from the island.

Coming into Mukilteo

There was a darling lighthouse welcoming me.

We got back to Kirkland and changed clothes to head off to Sullivan's Steakhouse in Seattle. I let them know ahead of time that it was Katie's birthday. They went so over the top acknowledging that it was almost funny at the end! We had excellent service, good food and Katie and I had a photo to take home at the end - they even signed her card.

So know as the work continued to pile high in our absence it is catch up time. There never seems to be enough time. The distance always seems so far. But I know we are blessed with two wonderful daughters who have grown to be women we are proud of.

Our children come into the world and we rarely know just how they will change our lives. I may be a lot of things to a lot of people, but the thing I am the MOST thankful for, is I am the mother , and Glenn is the father, of these incredible people. I am truly blessed.

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