Friday, February 24, 2012

What is your favorite food?

Today was a great day. We had half the team together Patty being back from the East Coast and able to join Leslie, the kids and I for another walk. And she has fallen in love with our sweet little survivor Olivia. I think she is beginning to see just why this family has come to mean so much to me.

As we walked we talked about the 3 day and training. We talked about our event and things we could do to make it ROCK! And Olivia talked too. Half the time I didn't hear her down there in the stroller And Jack, Jack smiled. He was pretty quiet while all these women chatted.

Our walk was leading to one of my favorite restaurants R'ho Thai. I knew it was some of my favorite food but Leslie told us we were on the way it was also Olivia's favorite food. Awhile ago a friend of the Purchases nominated Olivia for "Let's make a wish." I think they didn't understand how mature she really is. She's an old soul that one. She said she wanted to meet a certain Steeler football player and when asked what her favorite food was, she enthusiastically said Thai! They looked at her like Leslie and Rob made her say that!

We walked via the old Railroad right a-way. The kids walked half of the 6.5 miles round trip.
Jack is a good big brother holding her hand and smiling the whole way!
Patty is now a fan, even though putting down the cell phone is as hard for her as it is for me!
Yup... its hard.
Spring is on the way. We were having 70 + degree weather on this February day.
I had them pose in front of Escalle. The site of the first winery in Marin.
Yes, its not a lie - Thai is Olivia's favorite food!
Jack especially liked the Thai noodles.
While Leslie likes all kinds of food!

The kids napped a little bit on the way back to the car. We firmed up the weekend for our event. I can now announce we have set July 22 as our Pinktini and Popcorn gala. It is going to be incredible! Different! PINK!

I have also heard that our teammate Judy Palmer will be flying in for the event. I am so excited. Please mark your calendars. This year Team: Are We There Yet? will be throwing away the rule book.

In the meantime a donation would be swell!