Monday, February 13, 2012

Shhhh I've got a secret

I guess I did have a secret because I didn't write anything about this beautiful day. I must have just loaded the pictures and got on with the rest of my day....and voila, an incomplete story. Let me tell you about our Saturday walk from the SF Ferry to Sausalito.

When I emailed Leslie to let her know I was planning a walk back from SF on Saturday she eagerly said she could come too. I have done this walk a million times. It is certainly one of my favorites, so I looked forward to showing her why I have come to love this walk so much.

I had Glenn drop me at the Larkspur Ferry and rendezvous-ed with Leslie there. She stood curbside (phone in hand) nervously wondering is I would get there in time. But there I was with room to spare.

"Follow me" I said, "this is where I like to sit." And I led her to the front of the boat, and showed her which seats would be facing forward once we were on the way.

We walked through the Ferry Building and the light went off for Leslie, "We could take the ferry here anytime with the kids!" There is a lot on this walk Jack, Joe and Olivia would love. From the Ferry building to Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39 and Aquatic Park... there is a buzz and energy that kids eat up!

We stopped here and there to look at some of the sights. The flowers at Pier 39 make a perfect place to snap a picture like, dozens were already doing!
Once we got to Fisherman's Wharf we talked about what it used to be like.Back the 50's when I first saw the Wharf, there were fewer teeshirt shops and more boats. I don't think there was a Wax Museum. Now it is a kinetic frenzy of people and street performers, very unlike the old days. I took Leslie behind the fishing boats down a dock to the Fishermen and Seamen Chapel.
And I made sure she saw some of the boast that were out for hire, but still working fishing boats.
We watched the swimmers in Aquatic park and walked up and over the hills above Fort Mason. We stopped for an Asian Pear at the farmer's market there.

And walked on by the boast at Gaslight Cove. Leslie noticed one named Angelina (the name of Rob's Italian Grandmother.) We talked about what a wonderful woman she was.

After passing the St Francis we walked along Crissy Field watching the dogs run off leash. We also saw two proud Heron standing very tall in the grass.

We made a stop at the Sports Basement and talked about different walking shoes, the pluses and the minuses. The on to the Warming Hut where we grabbed a "Frank" Mutt dog, on a Acme roll, with "devil's hot sauce" and grilled onions.

Then we started our climb up to the bridge to make our way back to Marin.
On the Marin side I showed her the statue of the sailor and the military plaques at the memorial there. And we looked back at the city and all the miles we had walked. Imagining how many more we would be walking in the months to come.

It is a joy to be able to introduce someone to things you love. It is a privilege to be a guide to something as important as the 3 day to someone like Leslie. Speaking of which, she is waiting for me now for a short little walk on a bright and sunny day. Off I go!

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