Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On a mission....

A bright and sunny morning is just SCREAMING for a training walk. The thing is, we all still have jobs and lives that we need to juggle just to get it all in. Leslie let me know Jack had a cold and she was keeping him home from school. That meant, for Leslie to walk, she had Jack and Olivia to sort out. I was happy to see when I met them at the Community Center parking lot, she had both kids there.

Out came the jogging stroller for two. In went the kids bundled up with blankies and thumbs happily positioned in their mouths. Off we went on the bike path. "Boy Jack has gotten heavy" Leslie commented.

But off she went in a determined single minded stride heading off for our “short little walk on the bike path." Oh, I didn't tell you what she was wearing on her feet.... CLOGS! Leslie is convinced this is a good idea, and I am not going to argue the point. She said when she was doing rounds in the old days of being a Physician, they were the MOST comfortable thing. (Shhhh I have my doubts these will be the best shoe for 60 miles but... I am holding my tongue).

We got to the houseboats and I fully expected we would be turning around. But instead she got the kids some chocolate milk and kept on going. I thought, well maybe when we get to Molly Stones we will turn around, but no... on we went. Finally I saw the yacht Club in sight in downtown Sausalito and I think Leslie asked how far we had walked. I told her about 5 miles (which would mean we would be walking 10 mile by the end of the walk.) She didn't realize we had walked that far. I told her I was waiting for her to say it was time to turn around. She laughed "I was waiting for you to tell me!"

So off we went heading back the way we came. I convinced Leslie I could push the stroller for a while and she let me. Along the way we talked about all kinds of things. The more I talk with Leslie the more I see myself in her. At least that single minded, determined side... and I knew I was right.

When we got back to the car I looked at the miles tracker and saw we were just short of the 10 miles. I saw her face fall in disappointment. Yup that's a Cathy look too. We set goals for ourselves and somehow falling short is not acceptable. I assured her that a couple of laps around the parking lot would do the trick.

Leslie and the kids decided we should have lunch at Super Duper in Mill Valley and I gladly accepted. I parked the car about 2 blocks away and walked to the restaurant. They arrived shortly after I did, and I proudly showed Leslie the 5.34 miles on my tracker. HA! That did it... 10 miles.

I snapped a few pictures of the kids enjoying the lunch. Please note our warrior princess Olivia. That hair is growing back in! What a gift this family has been to me. How thrilled I am to be able to share the 3 day with Leslie and Leslie with the 3 day!

Next stop? It could be Mexico if someone doesn't tell that girl it’s time to turn around.

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