Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back in the saddle

Distractions...distractions. My goal, my passion is finding a cure for Cancer. Today the flu is over and the sun is shining. Leslie asked yesterday if I could sneak away for a walk, and I did have about 1 hour and 45 mins so I took her up on it. (That kind of day!) So we met at Blackies Pasture.

Olivia has become a real Marin Gal and knows just where Blackie lives. When we started off I suggested Leslie hold her on Blackie's back. Poor Via was pretty darn petrified but she tolerated the photo op.

As we walked Leslie and I talked about how committed we are to walking this walk. We are both survivors, Olivia is a survivor... we have a personal mission to end Cancer. I am excited to put the focus where it should be again. I am anxious for the conversation to return to what this has always been about... A cure!!!

It has been so disturbing to know how many of our walkers have been treated recently. A young college student was ganged up on in speech class because she is walking in the three day. Really... Really? She got back to her car and turned on the radio and the Black Eye Peas' 'I've got a feeling' came on. This is one of the songs we hear during the 3 day. She said she felt a wave of pink goodness wash over her and immediately felt better.

This community comprised of so many people from different walks of life, young /old, men /women all understand that goodness. Each are devoted to doing everything they can to find a cure. I told her, hold the course. Let them have their opinions and show them by example what you believe in. Find that nose bleed territory on the top of the mountain and hold course. Walk the walk.

I am so blessed be surrounded by people who inspire me. To walk with them is an honor beyond words. 2012 may have it's challenges, but those challenges will make us stronger for our fight. It will forge in us into mighty warriors who together will help us reach a day without Breast Cancer.

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