Thursday, April 4, 2013

Back to my favorite walk

Busy doesn't really do justice to the past month. It has been near impossible to get either the time or the motivation lined up to get me out the door. Business has been popping. I have had a little bug. The weather has been off and on and off again, so yesterday, after dropping a client off at the airporter I was determined to get out there and push.
I haven't done a really long walk (now I know you are saying what about Cavallo that is nearly 10 miles....) No that just doesn't feel like a long walk to me. Somehow the walk back from taking the ferry to SF, that seems long. It is only 11 miles or so, but it feels so much longer. And I find it always interesting.
Today it was a walk punctuated by business calls and the sight of Oracle on the bay... and Artemis too (who seemed to just sit there in the light breeze). So here are a few pictures to remind you why walking in SF is THE 3 day walk to do. It will be even more fun with a few thousand friends!


Back to Sausalito only 3 and a half hours later.