Saturday, April 13, 2013

Make it happen

There is a mountain of busyness in my way. It is like Everest and at times I think I don't have enough oxygen to make it to the top and back again. Training for the 3 day take time but more than that, it takes the determined effort to find time, even when there is none.
My partner and I have so much business happening and that is a good thing. I am planning to fly off on a moments notice to go see my grand baby when she decides to make her entrance. I have to be as ready as I can to walk away from several listings and an escrow. It is great knowing Myriam is more than able to handle more than the average Realtor... but for us this is pretty busy.
The past I have tried to focus on lining things up. Guess what fell off the to do list... yup training. So when agents were calling me to see a listing today, I politely told them it would have to be tomorrow. I realize when I am back East my opportunity to walk distances will be less than ideal (and I wouldn't really do it differently). But now... today.... I was determined to get in a long walk while I could.
So this morning around 8:45 I put on my walking gear and a new hat and headed to San Rafael to walk around China Camp. This walk would be at least 4 miles longer than my longest this season.  Take some time to see the beautiful place I call home!
 Old tunnel soon to be opened up again for light rail in Marin/Sonoma.
 My new hat
 Parallel to 101 heading north
 Dead Oak
 Roses and Wisteria

 California Poppies
 California Poppies
 This duck and his girlfriend decided to cross a busy street. I stopped traffic so they didn't get squished. A woman in a car thanked me.
 China Camp State Park now run by volunteers since the state stopped funding.
 It was certainly busy today with several groups hiking and biking
 I had gone about 7 miles to get to this sign.
 So glad we can still use this resource
 Wild flowers
 Creek running out to a duck blind (I think)
 Wild flowers
 China Camp Village Pier
 Rock Quarry
 Deer crossing the road. I alerted traffic again!
 Marin Island
 Water and mud
 Mc Nears Brick
 Map of Marin County Parks
Back to Glenn's Office where he was working on a Tax extension.
By the time I was home it was around 1:45. Time enough to do some business on the computer, get ready to look at an offer on a property and get ready to go out to dinner. Some times whether there seems to be the time or not, you have to make it happen. Some things are too important to ignore.
We lost a warrior April 4. There is so much left to be done to end Cancer. I made a promise I would walk 2 walks this year despite the busyness to try and get it done. Now, I mean to do it.
Will you help me? Will you fuel my passion with a donation?