Friday, April 5, 2013

What is there to say...We remember Bridget Spence

Words have no way to express someone like Bridget.
Although she was a master at words in her blog, it was her example that changed the world around her.
Bridget passed away last night at the young age of 29. We all knew this was coming, we people who admired her, we people who loved her. Even though we never met Bridget touched my soul to the core.
One afternoon, I was feeling pretty gloomy and tired. The phone rang. It was a young woman who was calling to thank me for walking and raising funds. She told me she had been diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer and she was fighting it because of the money I had raised. She was a part of experimental treatments that were funded by Komen. She said we wanted to have a family one day and hopefully we would meet in the future.
Bridget walked in the 2012 3 day in Washington DC. I went out there to cheer. I had hoped to see Bridget, but I was mindful of the celebrity she had grown to be. I was also keenly aware her health was not very good as her Cancer had spread to her bones, her lungs and her liver. She walked for several miles of the walk. they even interviewed her while she was walking.
Bridget had dreams. She had plans. But as sometimes happens, her life had its own destiny. No one would have chosen it for her. Someone with such a light is not someone you would wish taken from this world. But the thing is about bright lights, they are never really gone. Their brightness if so extraordinary it leaves a glow within everyone and everything they have touched.
For me I know Bridget will never be far from my heart and mind. When I walk I walk knowing our job is to finish hers. Part of our job is to educate young women that Breast Cancer can and does affect them. Early detection means there is a 98% chance of survival. If discovered late, as in Bridget's case the prognosis is not as bright.. But the life of Bridget Spence has meant a continuing hope for a cure and a day when Breast Cancer is no more.
Bridget spoke with Komen leadership in 2011 . Her story is one worth listening to. It is a story worth sharing. And if you are touched as I have been by this brave woman do something to honor her today. Donate to a 3 day walker at There are thousands of women trying to reach their minimum who are continuing Bridget's fight.
God Bless you Bridget, you and your family, as you have blessed all of us.